Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Book Worm Wednesday - July 2016 Reads

I'm on my own this month with Book Worm Wednesday as my girl Molly takes some time off from blogging. I only got through one book last month with all of the moving activities going on. We had so much exciting stuff to do! Hopefully there will be more next month!

#12 Lady Midnight by Cassandra Clare
Do you guys know about the shadowhunter world?? I'm obsessed. I have loved these books for years and am never disappointed by the next ones that come out. Yeah, I'm definitely super nerdy for liking them. And yeah, a lot of my friends say they are too far out there. But I think they are awesome. I love that this series takes characters from the previous ones and builds on their stories. I also love that all of the books and each different series will tie in some of the same characters as well. This author is always surprising me with the tricks up her sleeve. I love all of these characters and the little world that the author creates :)

Friday, July 29, 2016

Friday Favorites #32

We are finally getting settled in our new home and I FINALLY have time to blog a little! I thought I would take part in Friday Favorites today with Andrea over at Momfessionals
Neko Atsume
Please tell me you are playing this game?! It is definitely the cutest game I have ever played. You basically put out toys and food to get cats to come into your yard. Justin thinks it is so nerdy, but I love it. #nerd. The cats give you cat money so you can buy them more toys and you have to try and see all of the cats and take their pictures for your cat book. Way better than Pokemon. 

How cute are these babies? I love them. We got together this weekend because Brenda was in town to visit. I love having a house to be able to host dinners at :) Easy for me since J does all of the cooking. We have had family over for dinner the past 2 weekends and it has been so much fun. 

My mom found this adorable little yellow table for my living room this week. Justin and I really love it :) it is perfect for this room. We have yellow pillows on the couches in our living room so this just pulls out the yellow even more. Hopefully I can post some photos of the house sometime in the next week or so. No promises :P

Working Out Again
I have been working out with my coworkers twice a week after work. It has been so much fun. We have been putting together hard circuit workouts that kick all of our butts, except Julie. She is seriously so strong. It is nuts! This is just one of our many workouts, but it almost killed me earlier this week. 

This little guy has not been doing well since we moved :( he has had some urinary tract issues and it has not been fun. I think we have been to the vet about 4 times in the past few weeks. But, I'm hoping that we finally have it under control because this guy is really my favorite! In case you didn't know that already from every other post on my blog. He looks happy, right?

Happy Weekend!!

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Book Worm Wednesday - June 2016 Reads

I've gone missing from the blog world again! Sorry, I really am the worst. Blogging is hard! Also, we close on our new house this week. AND WE MOVE IN NEXT WEEKEND. That is just a slight glimpse into our crazy life. I have still been reading every night, but not as much as usual since I pretty much pass out the second I hit my pillow. I did get through 2 books in June:

#10 It's Not Okay by Andi Dorfman
You probably already know that I'm a huge sucker for Bachelor/Bachelorette books. I always want to know all of the behind the scenes information. I usually can't stop reading these books once I start them because I just have to know what really happened. I loved Andi's book because she is so real in it. I mean, I guess that is kind of the point of writing a book. But I don't feel like all of them are this real. She really lays it all out there for the readers. I also feel like I connect with her because she seems so normal. The things she talks about with her friends just seem like such normal life things. I actually never finished Andi's season. That is the first season in a long time that I didn't finish. I think I was just really busy during the time it was on and never caught up. So a lot of this info was new to me. I really liked this book and loved how positive she was throughout it!

#11 Then Came You by Jennifer Weiner 
I'm on a Jennifer Weiner kick lately. Even though her books are so hard to get from the library because everyone else wants to read them too! I loved all of the characters in this book and how they all ended up colliding. I really enjoy reading books where a bunch of different stories ending up coming together to create on big story. I think that is my favorite kind of book. There has to be a name for that. Anyway, this was one of those books and the storyline did not disappoint. I'm also a sucker for happily ever after books, so this one was right up my alley for that reason as well. It is a quick and light summer read. I would definitely recommend it!

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Book Worm Wednesday - May 2016 Reads

Hi friends. Thanks for dropping by the link up today. I hope you are able to link up with us. If not today, then mark your calendars for Wednesday July 6th!! Don't forget to check out my cohost, Molly's, May reads too!

Last month I decided to try and get ready for summer with some summertime reads. Elin Hilderbrand is just amazing. End of story. I'm so glad that she has so many more books for me to read. 

#8 The Rumor by Elin Hilderbrand
Oh my gosh I loved this book. Elin Hilderbrand has not disappointed me yet. This book is about so many different things, it really has it all. The setting and the characters immediately drew me in and me wish I was on some island for the summer. I think a trip to Nantucket is in my future :) What I don't get is how each of Elin's stories take place in the same place, but they are ALL so different. It blows me away. This book talked about so many different stories and issues within two families and ultimately how it all comes crashing down because of a bunch of rumors. I loved it!

#9 The Beach Club by Elin Hilderbrand
Again, Elin Hilderbrand for the win. Is it summer yet? I feel like it is when I'm reading these books. There are so many different stories going on within this book. Somehow, they are all easy to follow along with. I found myself rooting for each of the characters in different ways and I loved each of their stories. Each character was able to grow and change in a different way based on everything that happened in one summer. There are plenty of happy and sad things in this book, but you know I'm a sucker for a good ending. I was a little blown away by one of the final pieces of the puzzle! I felt so many different emotions. This is really a perfect summer read. 

Friday, May 27, 2016

Friday Favorites #31

Hi friends! I hope all of you have had a great week. I'm so excited for this long weekend. I definitely need some rest and relaxation in my life! Here are my faves for this week:
This Video
My mom came in my room laughing so hard and told me that I needed to watch this video. I hate when people tell me to watch something because I feel like I have to think it is funny like they do. Anyway, we started watching it and I didn't think it was that funny...but then after a minute or so I could not stop laughing. My cheeks hurt from watching this. So, enjoy!


I'm obsessed. We finally broke down and got a Ninja (which I totally said was unnecessary, but trust me it is wayyy better than the $20 one at Target). Anyway, we have been having smoothies all the time and I love it. I found a recipe for my favorite Jamba Juice smoothie on pinterest :) and I have been adding spinach. How healthy?  
Image Search App
I discovered this app called Image Search this week. I found these chairs and a table that I loved and couldn't find them anywhere on the internet. I had pictures of both of them. Anyway, I uploaded the pics into this app and it found them for me! How insane is that? I think you can do this on google somehow too, but I always forget how. 

My CHAIRS! Eeeek!

Okay, so I found these chairs that I loved on Zulily and I waited a whole day to make up my mind on whether or not we should get them. Then bam they were gone. I showed them to Justin and we really wanted them for our living room. I have been checking Zulily every day to see if they came back in stock and it has been like a month. I have been trying to find them everywhere. I FINALLY found them at Target of all places. 
Bachelorette is Back!

Woohoo!! It is starting to feel like summer time with this coming back on. I'm so excited to see what happens this season.

Linking up with Andrea for Friday Favorites!