Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Bookworm Wednesday #4 - November 2015 Reads

Happy Hump Day! I'm excited for another installment of Bookworm Wednesday today with my awesome cohost Molly! If you haven't already, make sure you pop over and check out her reads from the past month!! On to my reviews :) 

#36 The Royal We by Heather Cocks and Jessica Morgan

I love love loved this book! I know most of you are obsessed with the Royal Family just like I am :) I'm not sure how real this is or not, but this gives a sneak peek into what life as a royal would really be like. The story line is so interesting and I loved every minute of this book. I read it so quickly because I couldn't put it down.

#37 The Good Girl by Mary Kubica
I also couldn't put this book down. It has one of those endings that you just don't see coming. I mean maybe you could if you are like a detective. But I think I'm pretty good at that stuff, and I couldn't figure it out. Anyway, it was an awesome book. I have a thing for these types of books lately. It was somewhat similar to girl on the train with the way the story is told from multiple peoples perspectives of what happened. I think this author is great too!

#38 Shopaholic to the Rescue by Sophie Kinsella
Are you all Shopaholic fans?! I love these books. I love all of the characters and since there are so many books in this series I feel like I know them all. It was one of those books where I was just SO excited to get my hands on it. I don't think I have read a single Sophie Kinsella book that I didn't like. She is one of (if not my #1) favorite author. So, if you haven't read this series and you are looking for some light and funny reads, I would highly suggest it. This one did not disappoint!

Okay, so I only have 2 more books to read before I meet my goal of 40 books for the year!! Wow :) I have never read more than 20 in a year before. 

Are you all enjoying this linkup?? Please leave a comment below and let us know if you would like us to keep doing it in the new year! 

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Tell Us About It: Favorite Holiday Traditions

I'm linking up with two of my favorite bloggers (and REAL LIFE FRIENDS!) Julie and Mattie. Today we are talking about our favorite holiday traditions :)

Life Saver Story Books
My mom has always given the kids life saver storybooks. When we were little they used to come with a tiny little storybook. Now they are just candy with games. Still to this day she buys them for all of the kids and it always makes me smile :) these were usually in our stocking.

Christmas Crackers (with Crowns)
During Christmas with Justin's family we always have these English crackers. It is something his family has done for a long time. Probably because we like doing English things to go with our English name :) After dinner all of the "kids" (aka 6 adults and one child) are given the crackers. We all open them and they are filled with little treats. Maybe candy or a little toy along with a paper crown that we wear.

Wrapping Presents
Instead of using tags for the to and from of each present, my mom will wrap all of the presents for each person in the same wrapping paper. This was so much fun when we were kids because she would always wrap them super early. My brother and I would shake them and try to decide which ones belonged to who. It was a fun guessing game until Christmas day when my mom would reveal which paper belonged to who. Now she does the same thing for me, Justin, my brother, his wife, and my niece. So cute! I want to do the same thing with my kids some day.

Christmas Eve Dinner with the Benedict Fam & Christmas morning with the Smith Fam
We try to split our holidays up as best we can when having parents in two different cities. It has started to become our tradition to do Christmas Eve with Justin's family and then drive up to Seattle and do Christmas morning with my family. It has worked out well so far, but this year we won't be able to do it because we both work on Christmas Eve :( So we normally have a big ham dinner with Justin's family that night and exchange gifts with all of them. Then we drive up to my parents and get in late. We wake up in the morning and do Christmas presents and breakfast with them.

Christmas Day Smith Party
Usually sometime in the afternoon we get together with my dads side of the family. It usually turns into all of us cousins talking about all of the things we have in common and also totally freaking our parents out about things we did when we were younger. It is always a fun time :)

We are both excited to create new traditions with our family in the future. I love when new traditions are born!!

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Monday, November 30, 2015

Favorite Things: Stocking Stuffers

Hi friends! I'm linking up with Andrea and Erika today for their Favorite Things Link Up. Today we are talking about our favorite stocking stuffers. I have been thinking about these ideas for the past few weeks and specifically when I was Black Friday shopping. I hope you get some good ideas!

Candy Candy Candy

Everyone's lips are getting chapped right about now...gotta have that chapstick in every jacket :)

Scratch Its
Because it is fun! 

Pajama Pants
I love to be warm and cozy. These pjs are super cute!

Coffee Gift Cards
Because, hello, who doesn't love a free coffee? If you just raised your hand then we might not be friends ;)
Nail Polish (here)
Perfect size for stockings ;)

Scarves (here)

Scarf obsession continues...hoping to get these under the tree this year!

I love all of these options :) and I would be so happy to get any of them in my stocking. My mom would always get me some kind of makeup in my stocking. Now I still love to give it as a gift, especially these adorable Mac Holiday sets. 



I thought these were cute little Christmas ideas. Guys are so hard to buy for!


I'm hoping to get some inspiration from all of you ladies today! I'm excited to see what you came up with :)

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Twosday: Fall Make Up

I'm going to join up with Stephanie today for Twosday and talk about two things that I bought last weekend that I'm currently loving

Plumful Mac Lipstick
I have decided that this is my new fall go to lipstick. I seriously love it. It looks really dark when you look at the stick itself, but the sales lady said that is the cool thing about luster lipsticks. Basically, they go on a lot lighter than they look. Here is what it looked like when I wore it yesterday...

Soft Brown Mac Eyeshadow

I don't usually wear a lot of brown eyeshadow, but I think this color might have changed that about me. It is the perfect light brown and it looks good with anything I wear...even my typical black on black. Also, I like it because it stays on. I feel like it looks just as good as it did in the morning when I go to wash my face at night. Most eye shadows don't stay on that well for me. Don't you think it is a great fall color??

My friend Brooke had both of these when we were in Cabo and I just had to get them when we came back. They are the best! 

What are your favorite fall colors? If you tell me I will probably have to buy it.

Monday, November 23, 2015

Cabo Part 3: Nick and Cindy's Wedding!!

Well it isn't Wednesday, but I'm sharing wedding photos anyway. Nick and Cindy had such an amazing wedding. I thought that a destination wedding would be hard to personalize, but Cindy did such an amazing job. It was so beautiful and I could tell how much thought went into each and every detail. Also, I'm sure she had to bring about 100 suitcases to Cabo!
Waiting for the wedding to start = selfie time!
Before we all went down for the wedding
Cindy walking down the aisle looking like a princess with her uncle
How gorgeous is this?? 
And they did it :):)
Yet another wonderful view!
Celebrating with my fave!
Cute little escort cards!
BEAUTIFUL flowers on every table!
Nick and Cindy's first dance.
The Benedicts LOVE The Haskins!
Glow stick party with the bride!
They had a really fun photo booth at the reception. We could take as many pics as we wanted and then they would print them out and give them out on necklaces to everyone who was in the photo. It was so much fun. We may have gone a bit overboard with the pics, but hey, we had a blast. 
Brooke caught the bouquet! 
Girls girls girls
Photobooth with my love!
And my favorite ones of all! We had so much fun with these people!

We had the best time celebrating with Nick and Cindy in Cabo!

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Friday, November 20, 2015

Friday Favorites #29 - Travel Edition

Since we just got back from a trip, I thought I would share some of my favorite travel accessories with you guys for Friday Favorites today!! I'm back to linking up with Andrea and Erika this week!

Passport Holder

one // two 
Okay, so mine is so boring compared to these ones. I have a little fake leather navy blue one. But I just might have to get one of these pink ones. I love these. Why? I have the kind where you can put a passport on each side. I put both of our passports in it and then put all of our boarding passes, transportation info, hotel info, and baggage vouchers in there too. It helps keep everything important in once place because...

Huge Purse
A few years ago I decided that I hated traveling with backpacks. I have a bad back and it would always be really sore by the time we finally finished traveling. I like to only take the basics on the plane and leave the rest in my suit case. That means I need a really big purse. Especially since Justin wants to put every little thing in there too. This is why my passport holder comes in handy...because I have a TON of stuff in my purse.
I love my Kindle so much. When I first got one I thought that I would hate it because I love holding new books and buying new books. I have learned to love it. Actually, I now prefer to read on Kindle. Mostly because I love the feature that tells you how long it will take you to finish the chapter or book! Also because it makes traveling so easy. I fly through books when I have to travel and even more so on vacation. I would not want to bring along 3-5 books just to keep my entertained. I love that I can just bring my Kindle and have so many books loaded on there. I also like that you don't necessarily need extra light to read on it. It makes time fly by and it is so convenient. 
Warm Scarf

You all know I'm a scarf lover. Even if I'm going somewhere hot (like Cabo!), I always bring a scarf on the airplane. For some reason I'm always freezing on the plane. I would actually prefer to travel with a blanket, but since I like to fly without backpack, a scarf is the next best option. I like the big ones that can be used over my lap as a blanket if need be. And yes, I wore one on the way to and from Cabo and yes, I was still cold :P

Neck Pillow
I have never used one of these until this trip. We always talk about getting them and then forget before the next trip. Well this time we bought them before we left and guess what? I actually slept on the plane. On the way there and on the way back. Woah! That barely ever happens for me. So I'm pretty much convinced that it was all thanks to these little pillows. Now I will be bringing it with me on the plane forever more.

I hope you all have a great weekend! 

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Cabo Part 2

The second and third days of Cabo were really fun. We woke up and went to the sky pool for the day. We had plenty of margaritas and chicken quesadillas. Actually, that was pretty much all I ate. 
 Pool time with the bride. How cute are these hats they had made? We spent the majority of the day laying by the pool. At night, we had cocktail hour with everyone who came for the wedding and then went out in downtown Cabo.
Party time at Cabo Wabo. 
The next morning we laid by the pool too, but I just didn't take many pics that day. We had nap time and got ready for the rehearsal dinner. This is where we took selfies every day while waiting for the golf carts that came around to pick us up and take us wherever we needed to go within the resort. 
 Love this girl and this amazing view
This place is seriously SO gorgeous. What a perfect place for a rehearsal dinner, huh?
View from the sky pool.
I just cannot get over the views here. It was definitely paradise. I hope we can go back!!
Next time will be the BEAUTIFUL wedding photos from Nick and Cindy's wedding!

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