Friday, February 27, 2015

Friday Favorites #4

It is time for Friday Favorites again with Andrea at Momfessionals and Erika at A Little Bit of Everything

Samoas are my favorite. I think I really really like things that are seasonal. It makes them even more delicious to me. Last weekend I was basically sick in bed all weekend long. Justin walked in with these and my face lit up! Thanks husband :) we have been enjoying them all week!

These pajama pants are my favorite. I love them so much that I have three pairs. And all of them are ripped, have holes in them, or have bleach marks on them. Sign of some well worn pajama pants right?? Okay, maybe I need a new pair. I know they are plain and boring black and not very fun at all. But just wait until you put them on. They are the softest material ever. I get them a size smaller than usual because the waste is really stretchy and the legs are super long.

My bed is my favorite. No really, I love my bed more than a normal person. It kind of ridiculous. My perfect day is a Saturday sleeping in and reading in bed all day and maybe watching some shows. We recently got a new mattress topper and it makes our bed feel like a cloud. I never want to get out of it (huge problem!). I blogged about my favorite sheets earlier this week. Those along with my pretty duvet cover make my bed heaven!!

Spaghetti Factory is my favorite. I got to go to dinner with my parents last night and my mom asked where I wanted to go. I immediately said Spaghetti Factory. I was craving it so badly. I had delicious spaghetti with meat sauce mixed with mizithra. And so much bread. It always hits the spot. It was even better since I got to share it with my parents.  

The Mackey's are my favorite!! We get to spend the whole weekend with them. I can't wait for some bff time :) I'm sure it will include plenty of laying and watching House of Cards.  

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Get Your Glitter On

I'm on the event committee for a local school called Serendipity Center. Our big annual event is on March 12th and we are working on the centerpieces. As part of our mockup, I was trying out 2 different colors of glitter to see what would look best for the event. These things are so easy to make. Maybe because I had a lot of practice with my wedding candle holders...but still, super easy.

Here is what I used:

    2 vases from Dollar Tree
    2 different colors of glitter
    Glitter glue - honestly I don't like this brand, it was a mess. Elmers is totally fine. You will just need something that tries clear and maybe a little paint brush.
    Painting tape
    Spray Clear Finish 

    Garbage bag or newspaper 
    The first step is to tape the vase where you would like the glitter to stop. I thought it would be hard to make the tape go on straight, but it was actually really easy. I pressed the bottom side of the tape to the glass just to make sure no glue could get underneath the tape. 
    Next you cover the glass part that you wanted glittered with the glue. Last time I had glue that had a little brush like this, I thought that was helpful. This brush made a huge mess though. I kept dropping globs of glue all of the place and Justin told me I was crafting like a 6 year old. Yeah...pretty much.

    I usually use a shoe box for the glittering part. I pour the glitter all over the glued part and make sure everything is covered. Then I set it aside to dry. When I'm doing a bunch of these I usually pour the extra glitter into the shoe box top and then use that glitter to cover other vases/candle holders. Since I was only doing one in each color, it was pretty easy to manage the glitter. I didn't have any newspaper so I set them on a garbage bag to dry.

    So as you can see, these look really bad at first. That is why you need to the clear drying glue. Once I could see that all of the glue had dried, I took them outside and sprayed the glittered sections with the top coat. Basically, this makes it so the glitter doesn't fall off as easily. Make sure you do not spray too close to the vase or on the non-glittered part. After it has dried for 24 hours, you can peel off the tape. You will want to make sure you pull it off as slowly as you can so you don't mess up the glitter. 

    And then tada! You have 2 pretty glittered vases. 

    We ended up choosing the white one because it looks so pretty with a candle in it! And it goes really well with our other sugar and pearls vase :)

    These vases are pretty and so inexpensive. They make for a quick and easy craft night! It's almost friday friends, hang in there! Have a great day!

    Wednesday, February 25, 2015

    Benedict Mac & Cheese

    As promised, I'm posting Justin's famous Mac and Cheese Recipe. Since I didn't do the cooking, I don't have a ton of photos from the cooking process. I will have to work on that in the future! Here you go:


    1 pound elbow macaroni
    4 cups milk
    Small bundle of fresh thyme
    4 cloves garlic, cut in half
    3 tablespoons unsalted butter
    3 tablespoons all-purpose flour
    5 1/2 cups shredded medium white cheddar or any cheese desired
    Freshly ground black pepper
    1/4 cup parsley, chopped

    Optional Ingredients
    1 cup Bacon, cut into small pieces
    1 large jalapeño
    Feta cheese

    Bring a pot of water to a boil. Add in the elbow macaroni and cook for 8 to 9 minutes. You do not want the noodles to be fully cooked. Drain the noodles. Preheat the oven to 400 degrees. In a small saucepan heat the milk with the thyme and 2 garlic cloves. Melt the butter in a large pan over medium-high heat. Whisk in the flour and cook for about 1 minute, make sure you keep stirring. Strain the solids out of the milk and whisk it into the butter and flour mixture. Continue to whisk the mixture, and cook until it is smooth. Stir in 4 cups of the cheese and continue to cook and stir until the cheese melts. Season the mixture with salt and pepper. Add the cooked macaroni and the parsley into the cheese mixture. Optional - add bacon bits and jalapeños into the mixture. Pour it all into a 9x13 baking dish and add the rest of the cheese on top. Optional - add feta cheese on top too Bake for 30 minutes or until cheese is bubbling.

    Here are photos of the normal version and the version with all of the optional ingredients. 

    Last time Justin made this he took a dish of it over to our neighbor. He returned the dish with this note :)

    The recipe was adapted from something Justin & Jeremy found on the Food Network.

    Again, sorry for the lack of photos here. 

    Tuesday, February 24, 2015

    Oscar Wind Down

    I wanted to write about the Oscars yesterday, but I had to do my Target post instead. So you get an Oscar post a day late :) I will start by saying I hadn't seen any of the movies that nominated which means I spent most of the night looking at everyones outfits, duhhh! 

    Here are my six favorite dresses (in no particular order, besides colors that go together because I'm OCD like that):

    #1 Chrissy Teigen - She is so pretty. I have loved seeing her lately. I thought she looked so gorgeous. 
    #2 Anna Kendrick - I never would have picked a dress like this, but it looked so pretty on her.
    #3 Reese Witherspoon - She is so classic looking and this dress really compliments her figure. 
    #4 Jennifer Aniston - My favorite actress!! She is just so beautiful. I love her dress choice. I texted my mom right when I saw her and said "Jennifer Aniston is so stunning." Yes, I just always love her.
    #5 Jennifer Lopez - This was such a princess dress. I loved all of these nude colors. The sparkles just made me love it even more. 
    #6 Zoe Saldana - Love everything about this dress. The crisscross in the front is so flattering and the dress is so flowy at the bottom. Love!

    Here are the dresses that I just did not understand...

    Left - Nicole Kidman - I just don't really understand what that fabric is. Or why she chose to wear that red sash with it. Or why she wore it to the Oscars at all.
    Middle - Lady Gaga - This dress looks like a wedding dress gone bad with really weird gloves. They remind me of dishwashing gloves. I will say she looked pretty (and normal!) when she performed. 
    Right - Keira Knightley - I seriously thought there was text over this dress when I first saw it. Like something was wrong with my TV. It is all very weird and too big on her it. Almost in a frumpy way. Don't get it.

    Enough with the outfits! Did anyone else think that Dakota Johnson's interview with Lara Spencer was so uncomfortable? I want to like her, but I think she is super weird.

    One last thing! I loved these 2 on the red carpet. Their dresses were so pretty as well.

    Who were your favorites? Obviously I mean outfits...was this supposed to be about movies? 

    Monday, February 23, 2015

    Target Favorites

    Erika and Andrea are at it again...they have the best link ups :) I'm teaming up with them today to talk about my favorite things at Target. So easy, because who doesn't love Target??


    I own the first two purses, in black of course. I have a thing about black purses. Mostly, because I feel like they match what I'm wearing all the time and I'm pretty OCD about matching. But maybe this will be the year where I have a brightly colored purse, who knows? 

    The first one -  I love this purse because it is a crossbody bag and that usually feels best on my back if I'm walking around for a long time. Also I love having the little pockets on the front to hold things that I need often. The only bad thing about this purse is that I tend to lose everything in it!

    The second one - Oh my gosh this purse comes in so many colors now! I have it in plain old black. It is super cute and so realistic. Everything fits in here, seriously everything, and it has compartments so things don't get lost.

    The third one - I don't own this bag, but I fell in love with it while I was looking online yesterday. I want it! It also comes in a light brown neutral color that would be cute.

    Workout Shorts

    I almost always buy my workout shorts from Target. I'm super picky about workout shorts. I really like the mesh kind and not that swishy material. Target usually has them for a really good deal. I can almost always find some that I like on clearance. I don't usually buy these online because they have many more sizes in store. But here are the links anyway:


    I use this eyeshadow brush every day of my life. It is my go to for eye shadow. It is just the perfect size and picks up just the right amount of eye shadow. I love it! And yes I have tried more expensive brushes.

    This cover stick is also amazing. I got it for my wedding because I love that bright eye look. I use it all the time for highlighting and just to make different eye shadows pop. It is super cheap and fun to play around with!


    I'm guilty of being one of those people who won't move from in front of all the nail polish. It like I'm amazed by all the colors or something. Essie is my current favorite brand and this color caught my eye. It is called Double Breasted Jacket. 
    Oh, and you need to know about this nail polish remover. It is the best one I have ever used. Especially on glitter nail polish. I'm very impatient, so I want a nail polish remover that will take off polish with out a lot of scrubbing. This stuff takes it off so easily. If I'm out of nail polish remover I will go out of my way to go to Target and get this one.


    Okay, I have an obsession with comfy sheets. I think there was a time where I bought like 4 sets of sheets in one month. Justin probably thought I was nuts. I just really like comfy sheets. These Fieldcrest Luxury Egyptian Cotton 600 Thread Count Sheets are my current favorite. We have them in our room and the guest room. They are not too expensive, and are breathable yet soft. 

    My other favorite section at target is the book section! I feel like they always know which books are going to be super popular before they actually become popular. I just want to buy all of the best sellers every time. But I'm contributing to my part of the budget by getting books from the library. No book shopping for me!

    I'm excited to read about all the other great Target finds. Have a great Monday!

    Friday, February 20, 2015

    Friday Favorites #3

    It is time for Friday Favorites again. As usual, I'm linking up with Andrea at Momfessionals and Erika at A Little Bit of Everything. Here are my favorites for the week!


    I cannot live without coffee. Okay, maybe I could, but my days would not be enjoyable. My head would be pounding all day long. The words that come out of my mouth before coffee are not the nicest. Every time someone says that they don't drink coffee I immediately think "how do you get up every morning?" (Katie and Jules... I don't understand how you live!) My favorite coffee is Tully's Madison Blend. When we have that it's like heaven on earth. It is kind of expensive though so we stock up when it is on sale. I swear coffee tastes better out of my Harry Potter mug. 
    Special shout out to my husband who went to the grocery store late on Tuesday night because we were out of creamer. He knew I would have a bad day without my coffee :) Love him!

    Reading Books On My Phone

    This is a huge addiction and probably not the best on my precious eyes. I can't stop. I do this a lot when I can't sleep, I hear that is also a horrible idea and actually keeps you awake for longer. It is so easy to do though. Any time I'm waiting for something I just pull out my phone and pickup where I left off in my book. Sometimes I beg Justin to let me use the ipad if I really can't put a book down. But in the middle of the night it works out perfectly because I can hold it in my hand. Do not start doing this or you won't be able to stop!!

    Repeat After Me

    Justin had plans with some friends on Wednesday night and I kept myself busy reading blogs and prepping blog posts. I had the TV on in the background and this show came on. I had seen the previews and it looked really funny so it immediately caught my attention...I'm hooked. I haven't laughed at the TV that much in a long time. Basically, celebrities meet with someone and have to say whatever the host tells them to say in their earpiece. She makes them say the most ridiculous things. I may have used the crying face emoji to describe it. If you missed it you should check it out. 

    Petite Sour Hearts

    These candies are my favorite. I love them. I think it is because I used to eat them when I was a little kid and they only came around once a year, which made them special. We used to walk home from school and stop by this little shop and get $1 worth of candy by the pound. This was always the best one. This week I went to a little deli for lunch and I was walking past the half off Valentine's candy and there they were. I looked for them last week because I had seen them there before, but had no luck. I had to have them because 1. they make me feel like a little kid again. 2. they are delicious. And 3. because they were 50% off! 

    Mac and Cheese 

    Not just any old Mac and Cheese, but the Kraft blue box Mac and Cheese. When I'm having a bad day and just want some comfort food, this is my go to. I know it is fake cheese and made for kids, blah blah blah. I still love it. I would eat it every day if it wasn't so horrible for me. I limit myself to once a week max. 

    One last thing, Ella was really unamused by the time I spent blogging this week...She is probably happy it is the weekend.

    What have your favorites been this week? I don't know about you, but I'm definitely ready for the weekend. There will be lots of rest and water drinking around here. I need to get over this sinus infection! Happy Friday!

    Thursday, February 19, 2015

    What I'm Reading

    I have read 4 books so far in 2015. My goal is to read 25 books a year. I started the goal about 5 years ago and sadly I have never come close! But, as usual, I'm starting off the year strong. I'm currently reading book #5.

    So what have I read so far??

    #1-#3 The Maze Runner Series (minus The Kill Order)

    So I have a thing about reading the book before seeing the movie. Which of course is dumb because I always like the book better. Movies just cannot get all of the details in there. I also have an obsession with utopian/dystopian books. I love reading about government systems and why they would work or don't work. So when I saw that The Maze Runner was coming to Redbox, I had to get going on reading it before Justin brought home the movie one Friday night for us to watch. Davina happened to have the first book and let me borrow it. I think it only took me two days to read the first book. They are young adult books, so definitely an easy read. I could not put the first book down...

    But, it kind of gave me anxiety. It is so stressful the entire time. I had to keep reading to see if it got less stressful! But it never did! So that part was kind of a love/hate relationship for me. Don't get me wrong, they are all good books. Just very intense. It was not a relaxing read for me at all. By the time I got to the second book I thought, wow things have be less crazy now. Nope, wrong again. But I kept on reading. The third book didn't let up either. I started to get used to it a bit. I will say I felt relieved when I finally finished The Death Cure. Plus it definitely had an ending that I could live with. I hate when books have annoying endings.

    I know there is one more book in the series, The Kill Order. After all the crazy stress and late nights not being able to put these books down, I was looking for something more relaxing to read. I will probably pick up The Kill Order, which is the prequel book, some other time just to finish off the series. But for now I needed to give it a break.

    Oh and yes, I did see the movie for the first book. It was good! But they left out so much and they had to change a few things for it to make sense that way. Book is usual.

    Okay, on to #4 Three Wishes by Liane Moriarty


    I absolutely love Sophie Kinsella and Emily Giffin. They are two of my favorite authors. I read somewhere that Liane Moriarty had a similar style. I went to check out her most recent book, but the library said it was checked out for like 57 days or something annoying like that. So I decided to read her first book instead since it was available right away. 

    I was not disappointed. I loved this book. The main characters are a set of female triplets going through life in their 30s. Each one of them has a very distinct and relatable personality that made me feel like I knew them. I felt so many different emotions while reading this book. But most of all, it was funny. I love a book when it can make me laugh. This was definitely a good one. Watch out, you will likely see many more Liane Moriarty books in the near future. In fact, #5 is The Last Anniversary by Liane Moriarty.

    More books to come. Maybe I will even make it to 25 this year. What are you reading? I'm always looking for good suggestions!