Friday, February 6, 2015

First Friday Favorites

I'm linking up with one of my favorite blogs Momfessionals for Friday Favorites!

#1: This shirt is my favorite thing in my closet right now.

I actually got it for Christmas from Justin's parents. It is the perfect amount of fancy but casual as the same time. This color is great too. It is called Violet Ice. And this fabric is awesome. I have had the black version in my online cart at Nordstrom for about a week now. I think I need it. Some people think I have too much black in my closet. But...

#2 Black is my FAVORITE. 

And I have sooo cut back on buying everything in black lately. Seriously. I think I'm lacking black in my closet right now. Everything that I have in black is a few years old. Maybe it is time to have some updated black tops!
You can buy it here.

#3 If you know me at all, you know I love my eye liner. It is a serious addiction. THIS eyeliner is my favorite. 

I'm obsessed. And my mom just gave me one that she bought on accident :) I cannot use that liquid eye liner that is in a little pod. I'm just not that coordinated I guess. I end up with a huge mess on my face every time. This liquid liner keeps things so clean. It is super easy to use too. Just don't use it like a highlighter and make a huge line. To top it off, it actually stays on better than the Mac long wear eye liner. I was shocked. I have this weird issue where eye liner rubs off on the top of my eye lid. But not this stuff. It stays even when I try to take it off.

#4 Emojis are my favorite. 

Aren't they your favorite too? Especially the crying while laughing emoji. It might be the new lol for me. I also especially love the heart eyes emoji. The best. I love having conversations where we only speak in emojis. 

#5 This heated blanket is my favorite. 

Oddly enough it was also a Christmas present. It is the best because I can be cheap and not have the heat on for very long, but still be nice and warm. It is also perfect for right when you get home when the house is freezing. I have probably used it every day since I got it. Gus loves it too as you can see! I don't think they have them at Costco anymore, but there are some inexpensive ones at Target that are similar.

#6 These boots are my favorite. 

I love the little gold buckle. And that they have a little height to them but it feels like I'm wearing flats. Oh the joy of wedges. But they are super comfy and look nice for work. I wear them all the time! On sale at Macy's right now :)

Okay, enough favorites for today, hope you like them too! Happy Weekend!

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