Friday, February 27, 2015

Friday Favorites #4

It is time for Friday Favorites again with Andrea at Momfessionals and Erika at A Little Bit of Everything

Samoas are my favorite. I think I really really like things that are seasonal. It makes them even more delicious to me. Last weekend I was basically sick in bed all weekend long. Justin walked in with these and my face lit up! Thanks husband :) we have been enjoying them all week!

These pajama pants are my favorite. I love them so much that I have three pairs. And all of them are ripped, have holes in them, or have bleach marks on them. Sign of some well worn pajama pants right?? Okay, maybe I need a new pair. I know they are plain and boring black and not very fun at all. But just wait until you put them on. They are the softest material ever. I get them a size smaller than usual because the waste is really stretchy and the legs are super long.

My bed is my favorite. No really, I love my bed more than a normal person. It kind of ridiculous. My perfect day is a Saturday sleeping in and reading in bed all day and maybe watching some shows. We recently got a new mattress topper and it makes our bed feel like a cloud. I never want to get out of it (huge problem!). I blogged about my favorite sheets earlier this week. Those along with my pretty duvet cover make my bed heaven!!

Spaghetti Factory is my favorite. I got to go to dinner with my parents last night and my mom asked where I wanted to go. I immediately said Spaghetti Factory. I was craving it so badly. I had delicious spaghetti with meat sauce mixed with mizithra. And so much bread. It always hits the spot. It was even better since I got to share it with my parents.  

The Mackey's are my favorite!! We get to spend the whole weekend with them. I can't wait for some bff time :) I'm sure it will include plenty of laying and watching House of Cards.  

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