Thursday, February 26, 2015

Get Your Glitter On

I'm on the event committee for a local school called Serendipity Center. Our big annual event is on March 12th and we are working on the centerpieces. As part of our mockup, I was trying out 2 different colors of glitter to see what would look best for the event. These things are so easy to make. Maybe because I had a lot of practice with my wedding candle holders...but still, super easy.

Here is what I used:

    2 vases from Dollar Tree
    2 different colors of glitter
    Glitter glue - honestly I don't like this brand, it was a mess. Elmers is totally fine. You will just need something that tries clear and maybe a little paint brush.
    Painting tape
    Spray Clear Finish 

    Garbage bag or newspaper 
    The first step is to tape the vase where you would like the glitter to stop. I thought it would be hard to make the tape go on straight, but it was actually really easy. I pressed the bottom side of the tape to the glass just to make sure no glue could get underneath the tape. 
    Next you cover the glass part that you wanted glittered with the glue. Last time I had glue that had a little brush like this, I thought that was helpful. This brush made a huge mess though. I kept dropping globs of glue all of the place and Justin told me I was crafting like a 6 year old. Yeah...pretty much.

    I usually use a shoe box for the glittering part. I pour the glitter all over the glued part and make sure everything is covered. Then I set it aside to dry. When I'm doing a bunch of these I usually pour the extra glitter into the shoe box top and then use that glitter to cover other vases/candle holders. Since I was only doing one in each color, it was pretty easy to manage the glitter. I didn't have any newspaper so I set them on a garbage bag to dry.

    So as you can see, these look really bad at first. That is why you need to the clear drying glue. Once I could see that all of the glue had dried, I took them outside and sprayed the glittered sections with the top coat. Basically, this makes it so the glitter doesn't fall off as easily. Make sure you do not spray too close to the vase or on the non-glittered part. After it has dried for 24 hours, you can peel off the tape. You will want to make sure you pull it off as slowly as you can so you don't mess up the glitter. 

    And then tada! You have 2 pretty glittered vases. 

    We ended up choosing the white one because it looks so pretty with a candle in it! And it goes really well with our other sugar and pearls vase :)

    These vases are pretty and so inexpensive. They make for a quick and easy craft night! It's almost friday friends, hang in there! Have a great day!

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