Tuesday, February 10, 2015

GlamGlow - Best Face Mask!

Have you heard of GlamGlow???

Okay, so you all need to know about this stuff. It is seriously AMAZING. When I first heard about it, I was like "no way, it will not clear out my pores, my pores are nasty." I was so wrong. Tara was right, it is amazing. Over the past month or two, I have convinced so many people to try it out.

How does it work? It is a mud mask that dries on your face and sucks everything out of your pores. It makes your face so soft and clean looking. You can use it as often or as little as you want. I have been trying to use it 2 or 3 times a week. It has been keeping my pores pretty clear so far. I usually leave it on for about 15-20 minutes. Or until I get impatient and start scratching it off.

Sometimes I make this really weird face when I take selfies...but you get the idea. Check out those nasty pores.

At first I thought it was really expensive...it costs $69 at Sephora for the regular sized tub of it. You can get a tester size of all 3 products for $69 as well. I haven't tried the others yet, but I'm excited to do so. Tara has the tester, lucky me :)

But after using Tara's SuperMud a few times, I was addicted. I just had to get it. The other day I found out that it was only $43 on Amazon. Which is $26 cheaper than Sephora. Check it out by clicking the photo below.

You can check out the glam glow website too for other products and videos. I want to try some of their daily cleaners! But they have different Mud treatments for all skin types. Maybe I will post a follow up once I try all of the others!

Also, I have SUPER sensitive skin. I cannot get facials or anything like that. My skin cannot handle it and it will bright red and burn like crazy. This stuff is great on my skin. It tingles a little bit when you first put it on and kind of feels cold. But after a minute or two I don't feel anything like that. And my skin looks great when it is done, instead of crazy red and burning!

I think I'm officially a #Glamaholic!! 

Check out our glam glow mud mask party :) so much fun!!

Quinn was such a good helper. She put Tara's mask on for her and helped Tara and Davina take theirs off :) She is such a sweetheart. 


  1. You know I've never heard of glamglow. I have been looking for a new mask though. I might just have to try it out! Thanks :)

  2. Sounds great. I could definitely do with something like this. Thanks for linking with #TeamIBOT

  3. Oh I need this! My pores are shocking! I'll check it out. Thanks.