Thursday, February 12, 2015

Minion Valentines

I love Minions. Like really, they crack me up. Sometimes I just want to watch the movies to laugh. On Superbowl weekend we were driving on I5 and there was this huge minion on the side of the road in a field. I have no idea why it was there. But then I saw that there was going to be a minion movie and it was like the minions were calling me :)

Anyways it seems appropriate to do some Minion valentines, don't ya think?

So I started poking around Pinterest for some ideas. I decided to use 2 different printouts for my Minions. The first is this minion printable from Tonya Staab's blog and was actually made for some push up cupcakes. Lucky for me, it was the exact size that I needed for my Twinkie Minions. I decided to put it together with this valentines printable from The Benson Street.

Next I grabbed some Twinkies and cleared off the table for craft time. There was a lot of cutting to do, so I caught up on some shows while cutting away. The little valentine part was printed on colored paper in the printable link. I just wanted to print them on white paper and then do a little boarder to make it thicker. Okay, I didn't have any colored paper to print on, so I went with the next best thing. My craft box is only full of old scrapbook stuff or wedding crafts. Luckily, I had plenty of yellow paper in there. After lots of cutting, I had this:

I was all out of glue, so I decided to use some double sided tape. Worked great and was so easy.

Now time for the Twinkies! Just glue one side of the minion and paste it around the Twinkie. 

The final product is so cute! And probably the easiest craft ever. Seriously:
1. Cut
2: Glue/Tape
3. Wrap it around a Twinkie

Ta Da!

So if you need to make some last minute valentines tonight, these are a good way to go! How could you not love the minions?! 

Of course I made one of these little guys for my real valentine. Other than that, we don't have big plans. We are going to stay in and cook dinner together and watch a Redbox. Basically, my favorite thing to do. Happy Valentine's Day!

Today I'm linking up with Artsy-Fartsy Mama to share some crafts and projects :)

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