Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Oscar Wind Down

I wanted to write about the Oscars yesterday, but I had to do my Target post instead. So you get an Oscar post a day late :) I will start by saying I hadn't seen any of the movies that nominated which means I spent most of the night looking at everyones outfits, duhhh! 

Here are my six favorite dresses (in no particular order, besides colors that go together because I'm OCD like that):

#1 Chrissy Teigen - She is so pretty. I have loved seeing her lately. I thought she looked so gorgeous. 
#2 Anna Kendrick - I never would have picked a dress like this, but it looked so pretty on her.
#3 Reese Witherspoon - She is so classic looking and this dress really compliments her figure. 
#4 Jennifer Aniston - My favorite actress!! She is just so beautiful. I love her dress choice. I texted my mom right when I saw her and said "Jennifer Aniston is so stunning." Yes, I just always love her.
#5 Jennifer Lopez - This was such a princess dress. I loved all of these nude colors. The sparkles just made me love it even more. 
#6 Zoe Saldana - Love everything about this dress. The crisscross in the front is so flattering and the dress is so flowy at the bottom. Love!

Here are the dresses that I just did not understand...

Left - Nicole Kidman - I just don't really understand what that fabric is. Or why she chose to wear that red sash with it. Or why she wore it to the Oscars at all.
Middle - Lady Gaga - This dress looks like a wedding dress gone bad with really weird gloves. They remind me of dishwashing gloves. I will say she looked pretty (and normal!) when she performed. 
Right - Keira Knightley - I seriously thought there was text over this dress when I first saw it. Like something was wrong with my TV. It is all very weird and too big on her it. Almost in a frumpy way. Don't get it.

Enough with the outfits! Did anyone else think that Dakota Johnson's interview with Lara Spencer was so uncomfortable? I want to like her, but I think she is super weird.

One last thing! I loved these 2 on the red carpet. Their dresses were so pretty as well.

Who were your favorites? Obviously I mean outfits...was this supposed to be about movies? 

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  1. I did a similar post as well. I noticed alot of neutral dresses this year as well. We have similar tastes.