Monday, February 23, 2015

Target Favorites

Erika and Andrea are at it again...they have the best link ups :) I'm teaming up with them today to talk about my favorite things at Target. So easy, because who doesn't love Target??


I own the first two purses, in black of course. I have a thing about black purses. Mostly, because I feel like they match what I'm wearing all the time and I'm pretty OCD about matching. But maybe this will be the year where I have a brightly colored purse, who knows? 

The first one -  I love this purse because it is a crossbody bag and that usually feels best on my back if I'm walking around for a long time. Also I love having the little pockets on the front to hold things that I need often. The only bad thing about this purse is that I tend to lose everything in it!

The second one - Oh my gosh this purse comes in so many colors now! I have it in plain old black. It is super cute and so realistic. Everything fits in here, seriously everything, and it has compartments so things don't get lost.

The third one - I don't own this bag, but I fell in love with it while I was looking online yesterday. I want it! It also comes in a light brown neutral color that would be cute.

Workout Shorts

I almost always buy my workout shorts from Target. I'm super picky about workout shorts. I really like the mesh kind and not that swishy material. Target usually has them for a really good deal. I can almost always find some that I like on clearance. I don't usually buy these online because they have many more sizes in store. But here are the links anyway:


I use this eyeshadow brush every day of my life. It is my go to for eye shadow. It is just the perfect size and picks up just the right amount of eye shadow. I love it! And yes I have tried more expensive brushes.

This cover stick is also amazing. I got it for my wedding because I love that bright eye look. I use it all the time for highlighting and just to make different eye shadows pop. It is super cheap and fun to play around with!


I'm guilty of being one of those people who won't move from in front of all the nail polish. It like I'm amazed by all the colors or something. Essie is my current favorite brand and this color caught my eye. It is called Double Breasted Jacket. 
Oh, and you need to know about this nail polish remover. It is the best one I have ever used. Especially on glitter nail polish. I'm very impatient, so I want a nail polish remover that will take off polish with out a lot of scrubbing. This stuff takes it off so easily. If I'm out of nail polish remover I will go out of my way to go to Target and get this one.


Okay, I have an obsession with comfy sheets. I think there was a time where I bought like 4 sets of sheets in one month. Justin probably thought I was nuts. I just really like comfy sheets. These Fieldcrest Luxury Egyptian Cotton 600 Thread Count Sheets are my current favorite. We have them in our room and the guest room. They are not too expensive, and are breathable yet soft. 

My other favorite section at target is the book section! I feel like they always know which books are going to be super popular before they actually become popular. I just want to buy all of the best sellers every time. But I'm contributing to my part of the budget by getting books from the library. No book shopping for me!

I'm excited to read about all the other great Target finds. Have a great Monday!


  1. Yes, yes and yes. Love all of your picks!! Those fieldcrest sheets are always amazing for the price!!

  2. I absolutely LOVE that first purse! It's so cute. If you like link-ups I would love for you to join in on my weekly series "Thankful Thursdays" you can check out more about it at Thanks!

  3. I need some new sheets, I may have to make a Target trip to pick those up!

  4. ummmm helllllo LOVE target book section. even when stuff is cheaper on amazon. i just NEED to buy it at target!!

  5. I love Target bags, too! They always have such a great selection at affordable prices. I have never paid attention to their sheets so I'm going to put them on my radar. I almost always use dinky eye shadow brushes so I'm going to have to pick up the one you suggested. Thanks for all the great tips!