Monday, February 16, 2015

Valentine's Weekend

This weekend was pretty fun and laid back. On Friday, my mom and Lisa came to have lunch with me. It was so nice getting to see them and catch up. But then I had to go back to work for the afternoon.

On Saturday morning we woke up and got caught up on a few shows. Then I went over to Tara's to deliver some special valentines to her kiddos :) They were as cute as can be. After that we decided to head over to Justin's parents to visit with all of them. We brought Mackenzie a valentine and a cute little Olaf piggy bank. She had a sweet Valentine's Day dress on. She ate a Twinkie for the first time and loved it.

That night, we rented a movie and decided to cook dinner together at home. We made corn chowder, yum. But in the meantime, Justin turned on the tv to find that lots of NBA All-Star stuff was on. So he asked if we could just watch the three point contest to see Wesley Matthews. To be honest, I had no idea how cool this stuff was going to be! Sadly, Wesley didn't win the three point contest, but it was fun to watch anyways. The coolest part was the dunk contest though. I don't even know how they thought of these dunks. Of course I had to root for the guy who grew up obsessed with Space Jam :) he won. 

Justin was so happy that we watched that instead of the movie. We decided not to watch the movie since it was 8:30pm and I can't stay up that late. We watched Scandal instead, which was so intense and crazy as always. 

Sunday was girls day with Davina and Tara. They got their hair done at Hair Candy with Bre, our fave, while we all hung out and chatted for a long while. Tara fell in love with this teasing brush and went a little crazy on hair. But then she made it look pretty :)

After that we had happy hour food and went to see 50 Shades of Grey. It was like one of the only times I didn't insist on reading the book before seeing the movie. I'm glad I went with my girl friends! We went to one of the theaters with worth it! It was a fun afternoon. Oh, and it was so sunny out that we decided to ride around with the top down in Davina's cool car!
Then I came home and ordered Pizza with my hubby :) Definitely had a fun day. And I'm SO excited that I have tomorrow off. Woohoo! Happy Monday!

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