Sunday, February 8, 2015

Weekend Wrap Up

We didn't really have any plans going into the weekend. We wanted to spend some time at home to clean and relax since we were at my parents all last weekend.

We did go to Costco yesterday! I'm in love with Costco. I want everything they have there. We really needed to get annoying house stuff like toilet paper, bounce, and cleaning wipes. But, as usual, we found plenty of deals we couldn't pass up. One of them was this awesome hallway rug. It was only $10! We desperately needed a new one because our old one was stained and grossed me out every time I looked at it. I'm still getting used to the print, can't decide if I really love it, but hey it was a good deal and it works.

Davina invited us to come watch her kids basketball game and then come over for dinner. Tara's family came too! The boys won their first game of the season (I was the good luck charm of course!) and we had such a fun time hanging out. It is normally just us girls. The husbands were surprised to hear how much we all knew about each of them. Ha! We had plenty of smoked meat from their awesome smoker. I have no idea what happens outside, but when the food comes in it is always delicious. Justin made his famous Mac and Cheese for the occasion. It was a hit, as always. I'm going to make him write out the recipe for me so I can post it later this week. In the meantime, you can drool over this pic :)

We woke up today and decided it was definitely cleaning day. I cleaned the bathroom and bedroom while Justin worked on the living room and dining room. I'm seriously a clean freak. I mean I have a cleaning board on my Pinterest. I'm a little bit obsessive when it comes to cleaning. I normally have my own homemade cleaning products that I even use. One of my favorite ones was discovered when we needed something that we could spray on the hardwood floors. It only takes 4 things to make:

Spray Bottle - you can also get them from the dollar tree, but those ones don't last as long. I have broken 2 in the past year, so I switched to the amazon ones below.
Warm Water
Distilled White Vinegar - you can get a huge bottle for super cheap at Fred Meyer or any grocery store.
Any essential oil - I like to use orange because it smells clean! But any scent you like will work great.


I warm up a cup of vinegar in the microwave and pour it into the spray bottle. Then fill the rest up with warm water. I don't like to the water to be super hot because it can melt the bottle. I usually just use really warm water out of the sink. Then add about 15-20 drops of your essential oil and tada! You have an amazing cleaner that doesn't mess up your hardwood floors.
My spray bottle broke last week so we didn't have any of this special mix today for cleaning. I hated it! It is so useful!

The whole house is clean though. And it smells great :) I love it! Justin was such a huge help. He cleaned all the windows and swept the floors and did all of the dishes. He likes to pretend he doesn't know how to clean, but every once and a while I'm pleasantly surprised by his cleaning skills :) Now I just have to finish the laundry and we are ready for the week. Hope you had a great weekend!! The rest of night will involved plenty of this :):)

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