Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Daylight Savings = Sleeping Problems

First, I have to start by saying that I'm writing this post wearing capris and a t-shirt on a blanket in my backyard. Seriously, this weather is amazing.

I used to be one of those people who could just fall asleep anytime anywhere. I thought it was so weird that some of my best friends would stay up all night long multiple times a week. I thought, "It's just sleep, close your eyes." Sometime in my 20s I started experiencing insomnia. I just didn't sleep (this is when I started reading books on my phone).

Let me explain, it's not like I don't sleep. I just can't fall asleep until 1 or 2 in the morning. Justin is always snoring five minutes after we get in bed. I'm jealous. He can be so stressed out and then passed out two minutes later. But I'm the kind of person who needs a good amount of sleep. I don't understand how people stay up all night and go to work. Just getting out of bed after a night of semi insomnia is like torture. I know, I'm whining. But really my body just doesn't function without enough sleep.

Here is the other twist...when I take anything to help me sleep I have really bad nightmares. My dreams are usually really messed up. For example, the other night I dreamt that my dad put my cats outside to fight a pack of raccoons and one of them bit Gus' tail off (he doesn't have a tail). That would never happen. But I was shaking so bad that I couldn't go back to sleep. So it is kind of a double edged sword. Usually I just suck it up and take something so I don't feel like a zombie the next day.

Sunday night I decided my dreams have been too freaky and I should just learn to sleep like a normal person again. Worst day ever to make that decision. Why does daylight savings mess with people so much? It is just one hour...what is the big deal? Well my body hated it. I was up until 2am. I thought all these posts and instagrams about little kids going crazy with the time change were hilarious. But guess what...I'm just like them. Ugh. I'm definitely hoping that this week goes by quickly so I can take some naps over the weekend :)

I hope all of you are adjusting better than I am. At least it wasn't as hard to stay up for the bachelor finale, right??

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  1. Good picture to use on the linkups! lol That will get some attention (It got mine :) Good post....we all need a rant now and then! :P Blessings! <3

  2. YAY for PNW bloggers!!!

    I have the same problem with sleeping lately and can't take anything for the same reasons you can't. It's been really frustrating and the only thing I've found that works it exercising before bed because then I'm exhausted and can't help but fall asleep!

  3. Having 5 children, and the youngest being 10 months and still waking several times a night, I have no trouble falling asleep! At the moment anyway! I am always bone tired, just so used to it now. #teamIBOT

  4. Has daylight savings changed? Where abouts are you?
    I usually sleep ok, but when I can't I try memorising a movie from start to finish and for some reason that sends me straight to sleep. Weird I know!

  5. First off...I am jealous of your weather! ;) Second, I have the same issue...and my husband falls asleep immediately too. I'm thinking about trying essential oils. Have you ever? Let me know if you find something that works!!!! Thanks for linking up with us for Tuesday Talk! -Jess
    Sweet Little Ones