Friday, March 13, 2015

Friday Favorites #6

 Today I'm teaming up with Andrea and Erika for Friday Favorites.

The Bachelor finale is my favorite. 

Okay, so this is super nerdy, but I love the finale because it just makes me so happy to see them happy and together after all of the craziness that is the show. My mom makes fun of me because she says it never works out, but hey sometimes it does. And these two are pretty cute together. 

Sunflower Seeds 
When I was a kid we always had sunflower seeds in my house. I never think to buy them now. But last weekend I walked passed them at the store and just had to have some. I go through phases with these. Right now, I'm loving them. Especially when I'm craving ice cream instead, these will keep my busy. 

Spotify Playlists

It has been really quiet around my office this week. Thank goodness for all of the awesome spotify playlists that have kept me entertained. I'm especially loving the one called Mood Booster. It is so upbeat. I definitely turned up the tunes all week long.

Have you seen these gorgeous calla lily centerpieces on Pinterest? So simple yet so elegant. We tried to do these for our event last night and it was such a problem. These flowers float to the top so you have to be able to weigh them down somehow. We had lots of ideas, but when we tested them the flowers were still floating. Thank goodness for Pinterest. First because they told us to use a "flower frog" which worked great. Second because when our smaller centerpiece didn't work out, I found plenty of other ideas that we could try. Pinterest has made my life a million times easier this week!

Yep, this is pretty much how I felt all week long. I cannot wait for some cat naps with this little guy over the weekend. It looks like we both need them!

Happy weekend!

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