Tuesday, March 31, 2015

In My Cart

 I have a confession to make...I have about 10 things in my Nordstrom cart right now. And a bunch more in my target cart. So I haven't pulled the trigger yet since I haven't made all of these purchases, but I will share and you can tell me what you think.

First off...I have three floral things!
Seriously, floral is everywhere. I'm definitely a solid/dark color kind of girl. I love me some black tops :) But these are so fun and happy...and my mom always says I look better in bright colors!

Here are some of the things in my cart:
I found this tank on Christina's blog The New Mrs. I think I just need to buy it. I love it and it is so me. Plus it goes with the whole floral trend :)
Oh this is 40% off now...should I get it? Love the light colors with the floral print!! I really like how it is longer in the back too. Cute!
Okay, I know I'm not supposed to buy any scarves. But come on, it is floral and infinity. It would be so cute for spring and summer. Plus the pinks would go with so much that I already have. I love love love it! They have a bunch of other similar ones too. 

Hmmmm I just realized that this looks shockingly similar to an Old Navy tank that blogged about recently. I'm so predictable. I'm loving this coral color though. I'm patiently waiting for it to come back in stock in my size!!

Shoes, Shoes, Shoes...
Can you ever have too many shoes? The answer is no. Obviously. 

I have been thinking about getting a new pair of go to sandals for summer. Shay blogged about these a few weeks ago and I have been looking at them pretty much every day since. I can't decide if they would be worth the money. I will keep thinking on that one. 

I'm in serious need of some flats. My flats are like 5 years old and look like little girl shoes. I need some grown up, wear to work, kind of flats. I think these will do. Anddd to top it off, they are on sale this week!

Converse anyone?? 
Holy moly! When did these get so expensive? I thought they were cheap! Wrong! I have been loving these on everyone else lately...wondering if I could pull them off or not. I think I would go for the gray. You know, sneak away from my love for black a bit. 

Last but not least...I'm in love with this tank top I bought over the weekend. I would like it in every color now :) yes, that is my favorite thing to do. Yes, I need them. Yes, they are in my cart. 

This is only part of my cart! I have a love/hate relationship with it. If only I could have it all ;) 
Have a great day!

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  1. I have the gray converse and I love them....the color was a better choice for me than the white and I have worn them way more than I ever dreamed I would. I found those Sam Edleman sandals at Marshalls for $39.95....if you have one near you it's worth a shot to pop in.

  2. That just made me so excited!! I will check Marshalls :):)

  3. Okay, get the hot pink tank!! You haveee to - I am in love; mine came the other day and it's a little longer than I thought but I'm kind of loving the extra length! The floral is also just as beautiful as in the picture (sometimes I feel like I love things on the website more than I do in person). Loving all those other floral items as well, of course!!

  4. Love your style!! These pieces are all so perfect for spring!! I especially love that first pink floral top!

  5. Love the floral and coral! So fun- I love that store! Thanks for sharing at Tues Talk

  6. I love my Converse. It's so cold here today, I'm looking at these wishing I could be shopping for warm clothes, but winter is on it's way!