Monday, March 30, 2015

Nail Polish Crazy

Today I will be linking up with Erika and Andrea for Favorite Things. And we will be discussing one of my very favorite things, nail polish :)

So here goes with my big nail polish secrets...

It is probably my favorite color right now. I stumbled upon it one day when I got my toes done. After that, I just needed to buy it. It is so bright and fun. The color looks a little weird on amazon, but I got it there, so it will look like this! So fun for spring and summer. 

Gorgeous - Orly
This color looks so good on! Seriously, every time I wear it people say how much they like the color. I like that its purple looking but still bright and fun. I don't wear as many dark colors. Plus there is something about this brand, it stays on for at least 5 days before it chips. I got it at Sally Beauty, but you can get it online too. Love this.

This is my go to bright pink. Mine is almost gone! Yikes!! They sell this brand at Nordstrom Rack so you might be able to find it there. If not, it again looks different on amazon, but this is photo shows what it really looks like. This brand stays on really well for me too. If you are a pink lover, this one is for you. SO bright and perfect!

Bachelorette Bash - essie
My friend Kristin bought this for me for my bachelorette party! What a cute idea, huh? I ended up wearing it to the other two bachelorette parties I went to last summer. I still love it even for a winter color. It is bold, but not too bright. One day I was wearing this and my niece told me that my nails were beautiful. So take it from a 2 year old, this one is great.

This photo is all over Pinterest so I cannot figure out where it originally came from. I saw this and thought it was a great color. I ordered it on Amazon and loved it. I wear it all the time when I'm looking for something neutral. It isn't bright at all and goes great with my skin color. 

I feel like different top coats work best for different people. Sometimes top coats don't keep the polish on at all. This one work best for me! Not only does it keep the polish on for longer, but it also helps it dry really quickly. Sometimes I like to paint my nails before bed. If I use this top coat I can go to bed 15 minutes later without worrying about my nails getting messed up at all. Also, I like to paint my nails a lot, so this top coat just helps when I have other things to do besides waiting for them to dry. It is good to know that it comes in this little box. All of the essie top coats do. You won't find them out with all of the colors. 

There you have it, nail polish from a true nail polish lover. I could probably do one of these posts every month with plenty of different colors :)

I got my toes done this weekend used an awesome hot pink! Now I'm sandal ready. Have a great week!

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  1. I still have not gotten my first pedicure of the season. I'm waiting until the week before we set sail!