Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Organizing the Medicine Cabinet

I haven't talked much about organizing yet on the blog. You should know I'm an organizational queen. I love everything to have a home (thanks mom) and cannot stand when things look cluttered. Once again, I forgot to take a before photo. I suck at this whole remembering to take photos for the blog thing...sorry! I started out with a disaster.

As you can see here, we have these huge cabinets in our hallway right outside the bathroom. They are so nice because you can put so much in them (gotta love that storage), but they normally end up looking like a huge mess. The medicine cabinet was so bad that even Justin was complaining about it. I decided to find some possible solutions on pinterest. I saw a bunch of ideas that included a lazy susan. The problem was that we had tried that before and ended up just putting so much stuff on it and around it that we could no longer spin it. It happens. I thought, if I could make enough room around it, then maybe I could use it again.

I found these cool pins for inspiration!
We took a quick trip to Target (my favorite) and ended up with some of these storage bins. Can you ever have enough of them? When we came back it was time to pull everything out of the cupboard. Boy was that a mess. I had stuff everywhere in piles. We ended up throwing out everything that was expired too, which was a lot!
I used our bins to organize everything into a few categories. I had plenty of bins left over. Most things fit into these categories, or I just made them fit. And yes, I needed a whole drawer for sleeping stuff because I have tried too many things that have not worked for me! This ended up being the perfect height for the bottom shelf, which is also right at eye level. I just love these little labels. I get easily frustrated when Justin asks me where every little thing is in the house, so I love to label things. 

The entire thing looks like this now. And there is plenty of room to spin that lazy susan! We have pain relievers and supplements on there so they are easy to get to. On the right side of that middle shelf I have some boxed extras like emergen-c, toothpaste, lint rollers, etc. It worked out great. 

This top shelf is where I decided to put shoe cleaners and rain boots. It is really high up so I have to get a chair to get them down. I don't normally need these things very often (besides football season, when the rain boots come down for about 8 weeks straight) so it seemed like a good home for them. Next up is the bottom cabinet...which will be much more difficult because I have bigger things in there. It is a disaster though! (I cant believe I'm posting this photo!)
Sigh, there is always more to be done. But I love how this turned out! You can check out my other organization ideas on my pinterest board here:

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