Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Show and Tell Tuesday: Favorite Room

Today I'm linking up with Andrea at Momfessionals for Show and Tell Tuesday. This weeks topic is your favorite room. 

I kind of have 2 favorite rooms. One is the living room and the other is our bedroom. Since we are redoing the picture wall in the living right now (to add our wedding canvases!!) we are going to look at my bedroom today. 

First off, how cute is Gussy posing for my bedroom pics?? Second, I'm sorry these photos are so dark. I meant to take them during the day, but I ran out of time and daylight.
Okay, so I love my bed. I talked all about that last week on Friday Favorites. We love the Ikea Hemnes bedroom stuff. Our side tables, dresser, mirror over the bed, and bed frame are all Hemnes. I love this room because (almost) everything matches. It is one of our only rooms where everything is really meant to go together, and I love love love that. Probably because of my OCD. Speaking of which, I also love how the wall our bed is on is almost completely symmetrical. We both of the same lamps, clocks, and photo frames.  

So imagine how much it kills me that this vanity is white instead of black. We have talked about painting it many many times but have not actually done it yet. Someday we will :) This is also the only room in our house that has curtains. We love curtains, but since we are renting we don't want to put curtain rods up in every room (and yes, Justin loves curtains).

I wanted to clean up the top of my dresser before I took these pics. But then I thought...this is how it normally looks. Why should I change it? My fan :):) I cannot sleep without a fan on. I love this one because it is so strong for the summer time. And do you see all of my friends DVDs? I can't clean those up because I use them all the time! This room is also my favorite because I have so many pictures up in here. I have cut back from the good old college days when my room was completely covered in photos. Please ignore our pink dvd player. This was given to us when ours broke. Justin doesn't love a pink bedroom. If it was up to me, it would all be pink. I have yet to replace everything pink on my vanity. Hopefully some day that can be in a girly room and not the bedroom. 

On to my girly corner :) I love my pink and white vanity. It is so me. Justin doesn't hate it that much. It is obvious that this corner of the room has absolutely nothing to do with him. I get ready at this vanity every single day. You can see the little basket on the left that has my hair dryer, curling irons, etc. When you look up there is my amazing nail polish rack. Nail polish is probably one of my favorite things. Jules and I made these little nail polish holders one craft night. It makes my girly corner even more perfect. And this is only half of my nail polish. I seriously have at least 20 more in my desk drawer. I have only bought one new nail polish in the last six months! 

Our room isn't big or fancy, but it is my favorite! I love how cozy and comfy it is. I'm excited to ready everyone else's posts and get ideas for my future house!!


  1. Gorgeous room! And that cute cat definitely adds an extra special touch ;-)
    - Erin (No Bohns About It)

  2. Gussy is adorable!!
    Love your bedroom, especially your vanity!!
    We're in the process of adding wedding canvases to our walls to, Can't wait for them to come!!

  3. I love the size of your room! Our is small, but you have enough room to swing that cat.