Thursday, March 5, 2015

Too Many Shows

Is anyone else having trouble keeping up with all of the awesome shows right now? I feel like I fall even more behind every week. Especially now with House of Cards (which we still haven't finished) taking up most of our show watching time. I thought I'd go through what shows I'm watching and what shows we are watching together. 

Shows I love (aka girly shows/Justin doesn't like them):


Jess told me to watch this show one weekend when I was sick in bed. I loved it right away. I think I watched the first and second season in the same weekend. Yes, I love binge watching. Now season 4 is on tv and I can't standing waiting all week for the next episode. I like this show because it is only 30 minutes. I struggle with sitting still for long periods of time. So 30 minutes is perfect for me. Some people call this the more modern Sex And The City. I just can't compare anything to that show because it is too perfect. Very different, but also great!

The Bachelor

I feel like everyone is watching this season of The Bachelor. To be honest, I think it has been a great season. Perfect amount of "reality" (that is for you mom), drama, and craziness. I was so good this season and tried not to read any spoilers. Someone posted something on one of the bachelor instagrams and ruined it! Ugh. At least I tried though and I'm still watching. Women Tell All was insane. There are definitely some crazy girls this season. 

Grey's Anatomy

I don't understand how people could NOT be watching this show. I mean it has been on forever (11 years - woah) and people haven't lost interest. The characters have changed a million times, besides a few, and people still like it. I think the Grey's writers just understand what people want to see. I have rewatched the first 5 seasons multiple times. I'm currently working my way through them again. Since I'm so behind on everything I haven't made much progress lately. 


I'm so bummed that I feel behind on this show. I need a hulu plus account to catch up. Somehow I got confused about when it came on in January and I feel behind by more than 5 episodes so I just can't catch up :( So don't tell me anything about it!! The twists and turns in this show never fail to amaze me. 

Shows we both love:


This show draws you in because you just want to get more information. They just need to tell us already!! Give us the details and not these little snapshots. Ok, so I'm 3 episodes behind. This show is pretty intense. I really have to pay attention so I don't miss anything. It is so worth it though. I love trying to put the pieces of the puzzle together. 


This is my absolutely favorite show on TV right now. I never get behind on it. Every Friday when we both get home from work we watch it first thing and order a pizza! Sometimes I want to be Olivia Pope. She is amazing. This show gets pretty crazy too. They always surprise me. This is my number one recommended show. I have made so many people watch it and they are all addicted now too!

How To Get Away With Murder 

This show just had the season finale last week. I suckered Justin in to watching this with me and he ended up actually liking it. I had no idea how this show could go on for more than one season, but of course they did not disappoint. The season finale blew me away. I was shocked. For a first season of a show, I was seriously impressed. You should catch up on it :)

The Voice

This one is a commitment. Seriously, it is like 3-4 hours a week. Sometimes I will skip an episode because it is too much. The people on this show are so good. And I love the coaches too. This is a good show to have on while you do other things like cook or blog. Basically, I just like watching the performances and what the judges say. They add a lot of fluff in there to make it longer, so I only pay attention when I need to! I think Justin might like this show more than I do, but I watch anyways.

I know there are plenty more that I'm forgetting. These are all good ones though! What are you watching? Any suggestions? Once I get caught up I will need new things to watch :) Good thing we don't have big plans for the weekend. We should have plenty of catch up time!


  1. Hi Katie! We have several TV shows in common. Did you know this was the last season of Revenge? I'm bummed about that. Don't feel bad, though, because I'm behind on watching all my shows, too! Maybe with the snow here today I can catch up!

  2. Believe it or not I have never watched an episode of most of those you listed! lol! However, I never miss an episode of The Blacklist!! And I am getting back into The Voice too!
    Shows to consider....Justified (in it's final season currently, but oh so good!), The Americans, Parenthood (if you haven't watched it already), and in inner teen says Pretty Little Liars! It is one of my faves!
    Thanks for linking up today!

  3. You are SO much better than me with the Bachelor spoilers! I read them before it even starts airing but then I watch every episode - you know, just to make sure the spoilers are right! I like knowing who wins to see if I can spot them acting any different towards each other. Hehe!