Monday, March 9, 2015

Weekend of Sunshine!

It was absolutely beautiful here this weekend. The sun was out all weekend long and it was almost 70 degrees!! Guess what? I brought out my flip flops for the first time this year! Ahhh! I was so excited about it. My toes weren't ready for spring, but I went with it anyways :)

Saturday morning I slept in (woohoo!) and got to grab lunch with Amy! Andddd we forgot to take a pic! But it was such a good time catching up with her. I don't get to see that girl enough. After that, I went to pick up Tara's kiddos. She had to work all day so I told her I would watch them for half of the day. Apparently, I came just in time because they were getting antsy at the office. I packed them up and we decided to get some frozen yogurt. Because, hello it was sunny, and kids love frozen yogurt!

Please look at Quinn's surprised face. It is the cutest thing ever. Omg she did this like 4 times and I was melting. Jax did not want me taking his pic but I did it anyways. Little kids make the weirdest frozen yogurt and topping choices. Cake batter, blueberries, gummie bears, and those little juice balls in passion fruit flavor. He ended up not really liking it...shocking. Then this happened on the way home:

I wish I could sleep like this in a car. Ha. So cute. While she was still sleeping, Jax and I played "bug catching." He held multiple bugs in his hands and put them in his bug catcher habitats and I sat next to him completely grossed out. 

Then we came in and watched the most annoying cartoon. 

But I kept copying everything they said in an english accent and the kids thought it was absolutely hilarious. So throughout the whole day, I probably asked my mom 10 different questions, and thought of about a thousand. Like in the parking lot I was really nervous that Jax wasn't holding my hand. A car could just hit him because he runs so fast. The kids wanted to play in their friends front yard next door. I was like oh sure but what do I do? I just sat on the front porch and watched them play. But it freaked me out that they weren't close enough to me. And for a while I thought the other kids were out there alone, which they weren't, but then I asked my mom how old we were when we could play outside alone. I was nervous about it and these aren't even my own children. My dad told my mom we weren't allowed to play outside until we were 18. I pretty much laughed at my phone for 2 minutes straight after that. Here are some of the other questions that crossed my mind over the five hour period:
Why do kids hate going to the bathroom when there is a babysitter?
Do all kids have bathroom issues? Like being potty trained and then not? I had no idea!
To my mom - Did you feel like someone would just take us all the time?
How long is too long for nap time?
How do you chase one kid and hold the other at the same time? This is an art! I'm out of shape.
Why do they want me to hold them so much? They don't do that with their mom.
Do they run out of pull-ups like every day?
How many snacks do they get?
How much juice can they have in one day?

It was my quick glimpse into parenthood and it was CRAZY! Woah! I officially know nothing about children. 

Sunday was very low key. We had to run a few errands in the morning and then went grocery shopping. Super exciting. I needed to finish making the glitter vases for our event this week. I decided to try my crafting in the sunshine. 

It didn't work out too well because the glue was drying too quickly. So I came in and finished them all. Oh and thanks to Justin, I learned that it is wayyy easier to do these with elmers glue and a little foam paintbrush. 

Then to top of the weekend, Pitch Perfect was on TV which I absolutely LOVE :)

I hope you had a great weekend!! 

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  1. Sounds like a great low key weekend! Good reminder that I need to break out my Spring nail polish so I can get into flip flops too!