Thursday, April 16, 2015

Clean Home = Happiness

I don't know about everyone else, but when my house is a mess it seriously drives me mad. Probably more than the normal person. Okay, definitely more. Justin doesn't quite understand why I can't just leave all the dishes in the sink and wait for him to get home and do them or wait a few days for him to do them. I just can't. Lucky for him, I end up doing most of the dishes.
(clean photo of course!)
I just find it hard to function on anything else if I'm sitting in a messy room. Or if anything is a mess really. Last night I seriously wiped my friends daughters face off because she had chocolate ice cream everywhere and I could not handle it. They laughed at me and said I would stop doing that when I have to wipe their faces every 5 minutes. But I just did that was normal.

So here I am owning up to my crazy cleanliness. I will actively avoid the kitchen on Saturday mornings because I know that Justin has made some huge crazy breakfast for himself and it will be a complete disaster until about noon. I also definitely get it from my mom. I grew up in a house that was spotless all the time. I really don't think we ever had messes. Everything was at least cleaned up before we went to bed (or when we were in bed by the little cleaning fairies, right mom?). My whole life she has walked around picking up empty glasses. I used to get so frustrated and tell her to just chill out and leave my cup alone. Well guess what? I do the same thing. I will pick up Justin's empty cup in the living room and load it in the dishwasher without even realizing he might still want it. 
It just has to be clean. Not all the time. But before I can concentrate on anything else. If it is one of those crazy busy weeks I can definitely let a lot of stuff slide. But know I will be spending most of my at home time in my room hiding from the messes :)  

Last night I cleaned and cleaned and cleaned. And, it made me happy. 

Woohoo it is almost Friday!


  1. Haha it's funny this is your post today because I just texted my husband earlier this morning "I can't wait to do a huge house clean tomorrow and feel better." Derek is just like Justin! Nothing will ever get cleaned! I can't wait to feel the happiness your feeling today, tomorrow, ha!

  2. I am much better about letting stuff go than I use to be but I can still not handle my kitchen to be a wreck. It's the first room I see when I walk into my house each day and it can totally change my attitude if it's in utter chaos.

  3. I would buy carpet that has vacuum marks permanently grooved if I could. I love to clean - like it is a stress reliever and I worry about how this affect my children bc, CRAZY! I did luck out an also marry a clean freak! He's maybe worse than me!! :)

    1. Ha we should invent that kind of carpet! I would buy it too. My landlord always asks why I vacuum so much when I have hard wood floors. I'm like well my rugs are not clean!

  4. You are not alone! I am that quote!!!!!! You know what, I don't care either. Because if "mama ain't happy, no one is happy." I've taught my girls that everything has its place so picking up should not be an issue, and cleaning, well it is therapy for me! I'll let some stuff slide, but for the most part, my day must end with everything done and the next day begins a fresh start.