Friday, April 17, 2015

Friday Favorites #11

As always, it is time for Friday favorites with some of my favorite bloggers, Andrea and Erika
 Hazelnut Shortbread Cookies
Oh my goodness! These were hands down the best shortbread cookies I have ever had in my life. A client dropped them off at our office this week and I ate WAY too many of them. They had hazelnuts in them and were just so yummy and I loved the buttery goodness.
Brew Dr Kombucha
I got to have a few of these this week. Yum! They are so delicious and made right here in my home state :) 
Tax Day Being Over!
Tax day stresses me out. Not because I wait until that day to do my taxes. But mostly because other people do. The whole month before tax season my phone at work rings off the hook with CPAs and clients calling about tax questions. Which is great. But I don't usually know the answers. Even if I do know, I always want to double check since it is obviously important. So I feel like I'm always bogged down and stressed by it. Now it is over for a whole year. Yay!

Amazon Prime 
It is seriously the best. If I ever feel stressed about buying something or if I go out looking for something and can't find it, oh well I can order it and have it in 2 days with free shipping. I definitely use my Amazon Prime all the time. Also I find stuff for way cheaper on Amazon so often. It blows me away.

My new flats 

I finally finally decided to pull the trigger on these Target flats. They were on sale for $22.99 and I really need new flats to wear to work. Simple and perfect. Anyway, I came home and showed them to Justin and he said "those are interesting" and I just said "why interesting" and he started laughing and said "part of the shoe is missing." I had a good laugh. Boys just don't get it. 

This weekend is supposed to be super nice!! Like almost 80 degrees. Can't wait to soak up some vitamin d!!


  1. I used to work in public accounting. I can relate to tax season being over. I still think about all my friends in public accounting on the 16th and how happy they must be.

    Those flats are cute. Boys just don't get it. My husband would probably ask if they were half price since there is only half a show haha.

  2. Wow! Those cookies look delicious! I’ve got to get on the Amazon Prime bandwagon – Amazon in general is the best! Happy weekend, lady!

  3. Those flats look great! I need new ones so badly. I wear mine into the ground.

  4. Gosh I wish I could have those cookies. Also, I couldn't imagine working in anything to do with taxes hahah kudos to you!