Thursday, April 2, 2015

Lip Stick Love

So today I'm going to tell you about my new obsession...lipstick. Does that mean I'm a grown up?? :) All three of these are from Mac, which is my favorite. I apologize up front for the ridiculous number of selfies here, but I really wanted you to see what it looks like in different lighting too!

Thanks to the blog world, this amazing lipstick became a must have! I never knew it existed, but I honestly read about it on at least 15 different blogs. I knew I had to try it. I hadn't heard of any other lipstick so often. And look at that, it ended up being a PERFECT color. It is SO me! I'm so happy to have this in my purse.

I found this one thanks to my BFF who got it for her wedding day. I borrowed it one day and I knew I had to have it because I thought it was soooo pretty. The name also reminds me of a princess. I love lipstick names (and nail polish names too!). I also like to pair this one with a light pink gloss sometimes. It is bright, but not too bright. If you haven't noticed, the bright but not too bright thing is a theme in almost everything I buy.

Well of course I needed some red lipstick to wear to Blazer games ;) and because I just like it. My mom can't believe that I wear red lipstick. This is so not me. It is bright and bold, but I love it. With darker colors, I love to wear red lipstick. Plus, for some reason, red lipstick seems fancy to me. I just feel dressy when I'm wearing it even if I have a t-shirt on (like in these pics).

What do you think? Do you have any other Mac lipstick colors that I "need" to try out?? I think Snob is my favorite for an everyday type color. I'm loving them all though. 

Today is my Friday so you know I'm excited!


  1. i love love love lipstick! i like lipstain even better because it stays on all day and you can revive it with just a little bit of lipgloss :D

  2. That red lipstick looks amazing on you!!

  3. So...I'm one of those people who is in constant search for a lipstick that will stay put. I've never tried MAC but am loving that Snob color.