Thursday, April 9, 2015

Nickel Allergy

This is so random, but I need to write about this because it is driving me nutso! I got a new pair of jeans recently and my favorite brand of jeans changed their buttons. Who cares, right? Me me me! I'm allergic to nickel, something I inherited from my Granna. A lot of times these jean buttons have nickel in them. This means, that by the time I put my pants on and walk out the door I have already started to develop a rash from it. Wahhh. No, usually if that happens I just tuck in my shirt. 
When I was little my mom told me that my Granna used to paint over the inside of metal buttons and zippers with clear nail polish. I have done that a lot since I was a kid. For some reason, it is not working with these jeans. I need to do something else. Maybe just put a piece of fabric over the button on the inside? I don't know. 

Nickel is in so many things! I can never wear fake jewelry without totally breaking out. It is also in real gold. Or watches! Even expensive watches have trace amounts of nickel in them. I have purchased multiple watches after wearing them around the store and looking up the metal and thinking I would be totally fine. It never works and my arm gets so itchy. I guess I just don't get to be a watch person...I wore it for a while because I think it is adorable. Like an hour every morning ha! 

Here is a surprising is in deodorant. My friend Jess and I discovered this in high school...she is allergic too. Certain deodorants will make me itch like crazy. Why does it need to be in that? So weird, huh?? 

Okay, so I hope this doesn't sound too whiny. Mostly, I'm just looking for a solution for the jean problem! Does any one have any amazing tips for me? Because, hello, I love these jeans :)


  1. I hear what you're saying -- I'm allergic to certain laundry detergents and if I use the wrong brand it's just not pretty! Thanks for linking up to Thinking Out Loud Thursday today!

  2. I wish I could help, but I have nothing :( I have super sensitive skin, but thankfully not allergic to anything. But I still have use certain soaps and such. Good luck! And thanks for linking up today!

  3. I had never heard of this before until last year when my sis-in-law developed a nickel allergy.

  4. I have the SAME problem! If pants have nickel in the button, I cover it with a band-aid!

  5. Okay - the first time I ever knew that I had a nickel allergy was when I was trying to have my tubes tied. Girls with nickel allergies can't do it except to have the super expensive, like $30,000 surgery. I went rounds with the medical world trying to accomplish this, and then got pregnant again at 40. I'm so deliriously happy that I have my Bean. Life wouldn't be the same without him. He totally completes the family. But, yeah - something you should know if you have nickel allergy.