Thursday, April 30, 2015

Owning It - Order

Today I'm linking up with one of my favorite bloggers, Christina over at The New Mrs. to talk about owning our craziness. We are getting up close and personal on the blog today!

I decided to talk about order and organization today. And yes I'm slightly OCD (understatement of the year).

Yes, I like things to be in order. I like the house to look clean and for everything to have a spot. The counter is not a spot for anything! I like to do specific things on specific days. I love when things are in rainbow order, or alphabetical order, or numerical order. Order, order, order. 

My parents have always told me that when I was a little girl I would cry if my friend (or brother most likely) put my crayons and markers away and they weren't in order. Like freak out and cry and have to dump it out and put it back in order. Remember these? Yes...this picture makes me cringe a little. 
My bookshelf is also in its own order. It is in order by authors and all of that authors books need to be right next to each other. And I absolutely hate it if I buy a book in a series that is a different edition than the others. It just makes the whole shelf look bad. Like this...

See how it totally messes it up? :) Don't worry, this is on the very top shelf so I barely ever see it!

What else?? My closet is organized in rainbow order too. I keep it that way on a regular basis. It just looks better when I go to pick out what I want to wear. 

So on to my kitchen. Everything has to have a home. I cannot stand if there is a bunch of stuff on the counter. Justin knows this. If we wants to keep something out he will try to put it in the fruit bowl like I want notice it. Pretty funny actually. It just looks messy to me if there is stuff out everywhere. Don't even get me started on the dishes. Those definitely can't be left out for very long. Panic right this very second...eeek!!
And then there is the whole schedule thing...I hate hate hate last minute plans. I'm so not spontaneous. I like to have my whole week planned out on Sunday :) it just makes things go smoothly. I mean I still do stuff spontaneously, but it just isn't the easiest thing for me. I like to manage my time very specifically (imagine that). I also have a little cleaning schedule...I like to clean my house on Friday when I get home from work. I like to do the vacuuming on Sunday so the house looks nice for the new week. I always always do laundry on the weekend. I clean my shower and sheets more than a normal person would. Oh and I love to bleach things. 

Look at all of this crazy I just owned up to! Oh my goodness I sound like a nut case over here. I promise it all works out :) I'm not losing my mind over any of it. 


  1. From one OCD person to another, you do NOT sound like a nut case! I would call it "normal." Ha!

  2. The counter is NOT a spot for everything – although my husband thinks it is, ha! Drives me crazy! Yes to scheduling! I like to have my plan and stick to it :) Thanks for joining in today, lady! This was fun!

  3. I get you on the last minute plans. I'm fine spontaneously going shopping or seeing a movie or something with Michael, but if someone invites me to some huge thing last minute it stresses me out!

    I organize my closet by type (dresses, jackets, sweaters, etc) so I get that! And the clutter and messes in our apartment drive me insane but I can't get Michael to be better about it and if I tried to keep the place spotless all the time I'd never do anything else. I told him we can't buy a house together until he figures it out. :) Haha.

  4. I have been getting better at dealing with last minute plans but I totally get not wanting to change up your routine. I also only do laundry on the weekends and only go grocery shopping on Sunday evenings!

  5. Oh, I remember those days!!! Now I have all these little people putting stuff everywhere!!! :)