Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Wedding Wednesday: Bridal Party and Family Pics

Yay it is Wedding Wednesday. This is quickly becoming one of my favorite weekly posts. I hope you are enjoying it as much as I am. If not, you should just not read on Wednesdays ;) just kidding, love all my readers. And woah it is April...that is nuts.

Boys looking fresh
We had these cute sunglasses made for everyone in the bridal party in case it was super sunny all day. They made for some good photos!
Boys were asked to hold the bouquets. I love how this turned out. 
They had plenty of fun too, don't worry!
Groomsmen Photos
Bridesmaid photos 
This was Davina's crafty idea and I still LOVE it! These colors just pop!
How perfect is this pic?
Hanging out in the hammock 
How pretty are my bridesmaids? I just decided I need this one on a canvas :)
Smiles all around :)
I love them! And check out those bouquets...they were perfect!
These kiddos did a great job as our ring bearer and flower girl. Geez I feel like they are bigger already!!
My Parents
Smith/Hayes Family 
I just love this photo with Grandpa and Brenda!!
Justin's Parents
The Benedict Men
My Benedict Family

I love all of these :) and I love Davina so much for capturing all of our fun wedding moments. 

Check out the venue and getting ready posts too!

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Half way through this week. Woohoo!


  1. Love your wedding pictures! You were a beautiful bride! And your grandmother had some style going on, too, with her chevron hi-lo dress!

  2. Katie, these are just amazing! Thank you so much for sharing at Waiting on...Wednesday! I look forward to Wedding Wednesdays with you!

  3. These are all so perfect! I love the one of all the guys with the flowers and the one of the girls facing the opposite way!

  4. Wedding pictures are just too perfect! Love all wedding pictures. Bouquets looks too good and bridesmaids are looking too pretty in colorful dresses. I am looking for SF event venues for my cousin’s wedding. Have you any suggestions for that?