Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Wedding Wednesday: Bride and Groom Photos

So I know my blog friends have probably been waiting to see these pics. To be honest, I've been putting off posting them. Only because I feel super nerdy posting so many photos of us! But here they are, just for you guys! 
Our wine barrel photos were the best!
My absolute favorite photo from our wedding day. It just shows everything so perfectly :)

My sweet husband always kisses my forehead
Being cool in our but really it was SO bright.
My mom really likes this photo because you can see all of my dress :) I love the wheat it is so pretty!
Up close eeek! I love how Davina captured this.
Yes I was on the ground in my wedding dress and I let him jump over me. It was torture. You can see it on my face.
Davina's favorite model pose photo!
This is Justin's favorite photo from the day.
I sat on the ground a lot of times at this point
Dirt? Bugs? Who cares...its pretty!
Loved taking photos in this vineyard.

I just get so happy looking at these every week. I think I write the blog post with a permanent smile on my face. Check out last weeks post here.

Linking up with Holly for Waiting on Wednesday. I'm waiting to get my album back!!


  1. Beautiful pictures, Katie! I know you'll treasure them always.

  2. LOVE!!! I honestly can't pick out my favorite one - but...the one of him kissing you on your forehead is at the top of the list! Thanks so much for linking up with Waiting on...Wednesday! Hope to see you next week!