Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Wedding Wednesday - Reception

Hello blog world! It is time for Wedding Wednesday again. This week I will be sharing pics from the reception. I had so many photos I wanted to share. It was hard to cut them down for the reception. I think I will do another post later with all of the iphone pics, because there are some great ones! 

My sweet dad making everyone cry with his toast. How awesome is this pic??
Our first dance to Michael Buble - Everything
Dance with my Dad
Justin and his Mom

Cake cutting! Loved our cute little cheesecake :)
Dance party 
I don't remember what dance this was, but this pic just makes me smile.
Some of my very favorite people!
Playing croquet haha or just posing for a pic
Corinne caught my bouquet!
Cole caught our garter. Too funny. None of the boys wanted it. 
Justin with his boys.
Dance floor all lit up!
Dancing the night away with my ladies. Don't worry, Justin is back there too. 
How amazing is this?? Davina made this for me for my album, but I just love how it shows so many of the families who were there!!

Next up will be our send off! Check out last weeks post here

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  1. Your dress is stunning and it look like you had a whole lotta fun! I found your blog through Life of Meg. I host a fashion kink up every Wednesday (now live) it would be great if you could stop by :)

  2. Love! The dance floor area is so cute!! Great idea to do the iPhone pictures separate but do them too - I did that and they aren't obviously great quality but they are such fun photos! Can't wait to see!

  3. Thank you for your sweet words and for linking up with Waiting on...Wednesday! One of my favorite Wednesday posts - I look forward to them each week! You might have to do re-runs when you are all done! I love to see happy people and you guys look on top of the world!