Friday, May 29, 2015

Friday Favorites #16

Woohoo! You know how much I love Friday. Because that means I don't have to get up early the next day, which is the worst part of the day.
Linking up with Andrea, Erika, and April for all things FRIDAY!
Stick Hero
Have you played this game? I may be addicted. I also might have stayed up an extra half hour last night trying to break my record (which isn't even a good one by the way). It is free in the app store and fun :)
Tylenol PM 

I have previously discussed how I never sleep. Tylenol PM saves me ALL THE TIME. Seriously, I was at my parents the other night and forgot it at home. I was up all night. The next night I took it and slept like a baby. Phew, I made it to Friday!
 Ironing With My Straightener

First of all, in case you missed it, check out my hair product post here. Second of all...I absolutely HATE ironing. I will do anything I can to try to get out of doing it. I have a steamer, which works great. But sometimes I'm too lazy to get it out and fill it up and wait for it to get hot and take off the wrinkled shirt and steam it (yes, I'm lazy). So my quick fix is to iron my shirt with my straightener. Especially if it has been in a suitcase or if it just needs a few spots fixed. I just clamp my straightener right on the shirt and it works just like an iron. Does anyone else do this?? You don't even have to take the shirt off. Yes, I might be a little nuts. 
Memorial Day Sales

I got some killer deals last weekend. My favorite being some brand new Nike shoes for Justin (still on sale here) for only $44! Woohoo what a steal. 
 My Fave Kitty Photos + A Puppy Too!
1. Gus did not want it to be morning on Tuesday
2. I got to hang out with my coworkers puppy this week, isn't she a cutie?
3. I got to see my parents big guy, Buzz!
4. My little princess Ella acting like a princess. 

She wanted to see what I bought :)

Yay for Friday. Have a great weekend!

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Nordstrom Sale Love

Here are some things that I ordered and some things that I wish I ordered...but haven't :) And woah there are ton of sold out sizes and colors so I apologize in advance for that :(

Halogen Relaxed Slub Knit Tee (here
Shay over at Mix and Match Family has been raving about this shirt for a while. It has been sitting in my cart for a long while. I was so happy to see some bright colors in the sale, so I just had to have it.

Vigoss "Chelsea" Bootcut Jeans (here)
These pants have been in my cart for quite a while too. I was excited to see them so cheap. I need a new pair of boot cut jeans sooo badly, so I went for it. Can't beat this deal for the quality. 

 Lush Maxi Dress (here)
Because, hello, it is summer. And everyone needs more maxi dresses in their lives. 

 BP Woven Infinity Scarf (here)
I got this scarf in PINK thanks to Sheaffer over at Pinterest Told Me To. How could I pass it up for just $7.50??? I couldn't. I broke the no scarves rule. 

THE SHIRT (here)
Speaking of Sheaffer, she says this is a must have shirt. There are tons of colors. Of course I want it in BLACK :) I guess it is now or never? Sale sale sale. 

Ebb & Flow Heathered Leggings (here
I have been wanting some new gray leggings and these ones have been sitting at the bottom of my cart. They are a really good deal. 

Lush Lace Skater Dress (here)
I have been eyeing this dress for a while. It it is my typical style for sure! It just seems a little too short for work, so I couldn't quite validate it this time. But I still love it and think it is super adorable. 

Jolt Leggings (here)
And last but certainly not least, my favorite pants ever. I seriously wear them more than any other pants I own and I have multiple pairs. You will want to order a size up though, this new version runs VERY small.

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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

What's Up Wednesday May Edition

Today I will be linking up with Mel, Shay, and Sheaffer for What's Up Wednesday! I'm ALSO linking up with Holly for Waiting on Wednesday. 

What we're eating this week...
Eeeek. I have ZERO meals planned for this week. Oops! And I had Spaghetti Factory last night. Trouble.
What I'm reminiscing about...
Well I'm with my mom so that means checking in on all the high school friends. Been missing you guys lately.
What I'm loving...
Red toes :) I got a pedi with my mom yesterday and decided on red. Loving it!
What we've been up to...
Hanging. Not all that much. We have been relaxing and trying not to be wayyy too busy since summer is coming.
What I'm dreading...
2 weekends of driving up to Washington next month. I always dread that I5 drive. It gets to me. 
What I'm working on...
Redoing our dining room table. And it is much harder than I thought it would be. We ran into a slight hiccup on the top coat. So you will have to wait for our before and after pictures.
Here is the pin that we are trying to copy:

What I'm excited about...
Sunshine! It is almost really summer time :)
What I'm watching/reading...
Too many things. You can see what I'm watching here. You can see what I've been reading here. Right now I'm reading a book called Kingdom of Strangers and I'm just now starting it. 
What I'm listening to...
I made a playlist last week called Upbeat Summer. Justin and I are both loving it and listening to it nonstop. Find me on spotify to check it out :)

What I'm wearing...
I keep going in between boots and sandals. I kind of hate that undecided type of weather. But it has definitely been more on the sandal side of things lately. I also picked out a few things from the Nordstrom sale, but I will share those tomorrow! 
What I'm doing this weekend...
We are contemplating having a garage sale over at Davina's. Her neighborhood is a really good area for them and we have had piles of stuff in the basement building up since last summer. It is also supposed to be pretty nice on Saturday, so I think it will work out.
What I'm looking forward to next month...
Grad parties!! My baby cousin (obviously not a baby anymore) is graduating high school. She's such a little smarty pants and I can't wait to visit her at WSU vs OSU games :) One of our close family friends sons is also graduating from college, so we will be up for that weekend too. 
What else is new...
I feel like I have answered this already like 5 times. Let's change this question?!?! I guess I'm just not that interesting. 

What is your favorite thing to grill in June...
CORN! I love grilled corn. I could seriously eat it every night in summer time. 

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

We Love Girls Day

I was lucky enough to have the day off yesterday! It was spent with two of my favorite people. Since all of us happened to have the day off (and because we planned a month ahead) we decided to do all one of our all day girl days. 

My day started out like this...
Davina's son got a new puppy named Mac and he is just the cutest. He let me hold him and didn't even get too squirmy :) love that in a dog. And always love a good dose of puppy to make the day better. 

Then we headed off to lunch at California Pizza Kitchen, which seems to be our go to lately. And totally fine by me because I LOVE their pasta. Yum! Then we went over to our favorite hair salon for some amazing hair time. 

The girls convinced me that I should try coloring my hair. I'm terrified because I think I will never want to stop. But our hairdresser assured me that it would be super easy to go back to my natural color if I didn't want to keep up with it. Part of me still kind of torn. Part of me wants to have lighter hair for summer. Here is the pic I liked the most:

What do you think?? 

Okay, then we went to see Pitch Perfect 2, which we were all dying to see. I had multiple dreams that I didn't wait to see it with the girls. Haha, but I definitely did wait!
It was absolutely hilarious and I'm so glad that I got to see it. I laughed so much! I definitely thought it was just as funny as the first one. Anddd I hope there are more to come :)

I hope everyone had a great Memorial Day Weekend and had a chance to reflect on the meaning of the holiday! I sure did!
Have a great week.

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Monday, May 25, 2015

Favorite Things: Hair Products

Time for Favorite Things link up with Erika and Andrea. Today we are discussing hair products. 

So I don't love to put a whole bunch of product in my hair. Most days I don't even use any. It is probably because my hair is so thin and I just feel like product weighs it down and makes it greasy looking. Here goes...

My #1 Fave Product...My Chi Straightener (here)
 I use this thing almost every day (yeah yeah yeah I know it is hard on my hair). I have had 2 of these. And the only reason my last one died was because I blew it up in an outlet in China. I have had my current one for 2 years and the one before that for probably 4 years. So trust me when I say it is worth the upfront cost. These things get so hot and make it so easy to straighten my hair. When my mom was here a few weeks ago I had her use my straightener instead of her Conair one. She was shocked by the results. I keep it on the hottest temperature all the time. It works wonders with my curly hair. If you aren't using this straightener, you should be!

#2 Bed Head Curling Wand (here)
Well, just like the straightener, it gets SO hot. I burned myself really bad multiple times when I first got it. But once you get the hang of it you wont even need that glove anymore. I think this thing makes the MOST PERFECT curls. I even used it to do my hair for my wedding. And my bridesmaids all used it too! Check out the perfect curls...
See it just works for everyone. I think I have seriously recommended this thing to everyone I know. I LOVE IT!

AeroGel Hairspray (here)
It is definitely my mom's fault that I love this hairspray. Something about it having gel and hairspray in one just makes it work magic on my hair. It holds it stronger than anything else I have tried. Before I got hooked on this I was using Bed Head Hard Head Hairspray. I thought that stuff worked well, but then I found this. It lasts all day long and just gives me the best hold with my thin hair that can slide out of anything. It is great stuff, you should try it. 

These last 2 things are for all you curly hair girls out there. My hair is naturally curly. Here is what it actually looks like:

Herbal Essences Totally Twisted Curl Boosting Mousse 
 If I'm wearing my hair curly, I definitely need some mousse. It just works best for me. That picture above probably just has this in it. It is super cheap and you can find it at any grocery store. I also use this when I curl my hair with a wand. I will put this in my hair when it is wet, dry it with my hair dryer, and then start adding the curls. Mousse just helps me curls stay longer and not fall as much. A hairdresser recommended it to me for a friends wedding years ago and now it is my go to!

 Moroccan Oil Intense Curl Cream (here)
 This is the other product that I use for my crazy curly hair. Sometimes I will use the mousse and then let it dry a little and then all this on. It doesn't weigh my hair down at all. The coolest thing about it though is this...if you put it in your hair, you can basically make your own curls. You can curl your hair around your finger or the end of your brush or whatever you want and it stays. All you have to do is add in some hairspray when you are done. If my hair isn't looking as curly as I want it to, I will add this in and make more curls :) pretty cool huh? Also the moroccan oil helps with frizziness. So I love that too. 

I'm excited to read all of the other favorite hair product posts. I'm especially looking to find some dry shampoo recommendations. 

I hope everyone is enjoying Memorial Day Weekend!!