Monday, May 25, 2015

Favorite Things: Hair Products

Time for Favorite Things link up with Erika and Andrea. Today we are discussing hair products. 

So I don't love to put a whole bunch of product in my hair. Most days I don't even use any. It is probably because my hair is so thin and I just feel like product weighs it down and makes it greasy looking. Here goes...

My #1 Fave Product...My Chi Straightener (here)
 I use this thing almost every day (yeah yeah yeah I know it is hard on my hair). I have had 2 of these. And the only reason my last one died was because I blew it up in an outlet in China. I have had my current one for 2 years and the one before that for probably 4 years. So trust me when I say it is worth the upfront cost. These things get so hot and make it so easy to straighten my hair. When my mom was here a few weeks ago I had her use my straightener instead of her Conair one. She was shocked by the results. I keep it on the hottest temperature all the time. It works wonders with my curly hair. If you aren't using this straightener, you should be!

#2 Bed Head Curling Wand (here)
Well, just like the straightener, it gets SO hot. I burned myself really bad multiple times when I first got it. But once you get the hang of it you wont even need that glove anymore. I think this thing makes the MOST PERFECT curls. I even used it to do my hair for my wedding. And my bridesmaids all used it too! Check out the perfect curls...
See it just works for everyone. I think I have seriously recommended this thing to everyone I know. I LOVE IT!

AeroGel Hairspray (here)
It is definitely my mom's fault that I love this hairspray. Something about it having gel and hairspray in one just makes it work magic on my hair. It holds it stronger than anything else I have tried. Before I got hooked on this I was using Bed Head Hard Head Hairspray. I thought that stuff worked well, but then I found this. It lasts all day long and just gives me the best hold with my thin hair that can slide out of anything. It is great stuff, you should try it. 

These last 2 things are for all you curly hair girls out there. My hair is naturally curly. Here is what it actually looks like:

Herbal Essences Totally Twisted Curl Boosting Mousse 
 If I'm wearing my hair curly, I definitely need some mousse. It just works best for me. That picture above probably just has this in it. It is super cheap and you can find it at any grocery store. I also use this when I curl my hair with a wand. I will put this in my hair when it is wet, dry it with my hair dryer, and then start adding the curls. Mousse just helps me curls stay longer and not fall as much. A hairdresser recommended it to me for a friends wedding years ago and now it is my go to!

 Moroccan Oil Intense Curl Cream (here)
 This is the other product that I use for my crazy curly hair. Sometimes I will use the mousse and then let it dry a little and then all this on. It doesn't weigh my hair down at all. The coolest thing about it though is this...if you put it in your hair, you can basically make your own curls. You can curl your hair around your finger or the end of your brush or whatever you want and it stays. All you have to do is add in some hairspray when you are done. If my hair isn't looking as curly as I want it to, I will add this in and make more curls :) pretty cool huh? Also the moroccan oil helps with frizziness. So I love that too. 

I'm excited to read all of the other favorite hair product posts. I'm especially looking to find some dry shampoo recommendations. 

I hope everyone is enjoying Memorial Day Weekend!!


  1. I agree, my Chi is the best straightener I've ever used (though I'm lazy so I hardly use it now). And I wish I had curly hair! My hair doesn't even like to hold a curl. I need TONS of hairspray to make them stay.

  2. Yay for natural curl girls!! The same peeps use to make a product called AeroCurl and I LOVED that stuff!! I'd use it instead of gel or mouse. And then...they quit making it! I use Kenra products for my curls, but a stylist has mentioned MO curl cream to me. I just haven't purchased it yet.

  3. The Chi is wonderful!! Mine is on year 7. I sure don't regret buying it!!:)

    1. This comment totally freaked me out because my maiden name is Katie Smith! Too funny :):)