Friday, May 1, 2015

Friday Favorites #13

I felt like this week was going by so slowly...but now it is Friday and I can't believe it. Time for Friday Favorites with Erika and Andrea

These sunglasses came and I'm in love. Justin said they remind him of Vegas. I think they are so fun! And they were so cheap. Woohoo! I also love that they remind me of the heart eye emoji, which is definitely my favorite one. 

My lips get super dry and crack a lot no matter what I use. I have been looking for something that is somewhat natural to use to get all of the dead skin off and make them look smooth before I use lipstick. I hate how the lipstick can pick up every little crack. Anyway, this stuff works wonderfully and it is so inexpensive. They have it at Target for cheaper than Amazon, but they were all out last time I was there. If you have the same problem you should try it, just make sure you add moisture to your lips afterward. 
My Multiple Monitors

Okay, so this sounds super random, right? Well this week I have been doing so much after work stuff on the computer. At work I have 2 monitors so I have stayed late almost every night this week working on my DYW stuff. Seriously my huge screens make my life a million times easier. Someday when I have an office in my house I will definitely have this set up :) they are a huge favorite this week!!
 Justin's Spaghetti Sauce

I don't know how he made up this amazing recipe for spaghetti sauce, but it was delicious. And I'm seriously sooo picky about spaghetti sauce. It was spicy and flavorful and delicious. I didn't take a pic, but I can't wait to have it again. My mom's spaghetti recipe (which is my favorite) takes all day to make in the crock pot. But this one was spur of the moment and it was so good! I will try to share it sometime next week.

I read about this over and over again on the favorite nail polish link up. I seriously thought I had already found what worked best for me. But nope, I was wrong. I was out with  my mom last weekend and saw this one in a beauty store and decided to test it out (thanks to all of you bloggers who recommended it). I painted my nails on Monday and they still look absolutely perfect without a single chip. For real! Usually I have to redo them by Wednesday night/Thursday morning. Not the case anymore :) Love it. But one thing that I thought was weird... it smells exactly like rubber cement!

I hope everyone has an amazing weekend!


  1. I'm planning a mani for myself some time this weekend! Have a great weekend, Katie!

  2. Those sunnies! (insert heart eye emoji here--also my favorite emoji) And I have multiple monitors at work too--love them! Once they had to take away one of them for a few days and I was LOST without it!

  3. Totally laughing at the double monitors. When I got my first "big girl job" I came home and was like "MOM, you'll never guess what…I get a DOUBLE monitor in my OWN office." She then rained on my parade and told me just about everyone does. Sigh. But still, I love double monitors!