Friday, May 29, 2015

Friday Favorites #16

Woohoo! You know how much I love Friday. Because that means I don't have to get up early the next day, which is the worst part of the day.
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Stick Hero
Have you played this game? I may be addicted. I also might have stayed up an extra half hour last night trying to break my record (which isn't even a good one by the way). It is free in the app store and fun :)
Tylenol PM 

I have previously discussed how I never sleep. Tylenol PM saves me ALL THE TIME. Seriously, I was at my parents the other night and forgot it at home. I was up all night. The next night I took it and slept like a baby. Phew, I made it to Friday!
 Ironing With My Straightener

First of all, in case you missed it, check out my hair product post here. Second of all...I absolutely HATE ironing. I will do anything I can to try to get out of doing it. I have a steamer, which works great. But sometimes I'm too lazy to get it out and fill it up and wait for it to get hot and take off the wrinkled shirt and steam it (yes, I'm lazy). So my quick fix is to iron my shirt with my straightener. Especially if it has been in a suitcase or if it just needs a few spots fixed. I just clamp my straightener right on the shirt and it works just like an iron. Does anyone else do this?? You don't even have to take the shirt off. Yes, I might be a little nuts. 
Memorial Day Sales

I got some killer deals last weekend. My favorite being some brand new Nike shoes for Justin (still on sale here) for only $44! Woohoo what a steal. 
 My Fave Kitty Photos + A Puppy Too!
1. Gus did not want it to be morning on Tuesday
2. I got to hang out with my coworkers puppy this week, isn't she a cutie?
3. I got to see my parents big guy, Buzz!
4. My little princess Ella acting like a princess. 

She wanted to see what I bought :)

Yay for Friday. Have a great weekend!


  1. I have ironed with my straightener before, but I don't normally because...I never iron. I normally look like a sloppy wrinkled mess instead. I can't sleep at my parents' house, not for the same reason you had, but because my dogs get too excited to go outside (starting around 4:30 a.m.) since they have a big yard. Ugh. Hence why I'm up at 5:20 (on a day off).

  2. bahahahha katie… that straightener thing… i've NEVER heard of it before!!! i will have to keep that in mind ;D