Thursday, May 14, 2015

My Cardigan Problem

I pretty much wear a cardigan every day of my work life...okay scratch that...just pretty much every day. My office is usually freezing so I need to keep warm (and try not to use my space heater 24/7). I'm also just always cold, so cardigans get plenty of use for me. So problem #1 is my absolute obsession with wearing them every day. But the real issue is problem #2.

I cannot have a cardigan for more than 6 months without getting a hole in the left elbow. Why? I have NO idea. It is not like I wear the same cardigan every day. I got 2 brand new one's for Christmas and then I have 2 longer ones that I like to wear as well. That is at least 4 on rotation from my closet. 

Last week, of course while I was traveling, I got holes in the 2 cardigans I got for Christmas. My mom thinks that the old navy one's just are not thick enough. But they are so comfy and aren't too thick, so I can still wear them in summer. On Saturday I was wearing a different one with one my dresses and half way through the day I realized it had a hole in the elbow too! I have no idea why this keeps happening.

I do have one from Gap that has lasted over a year. It was more expensive...maybe it is a "get what you pay for" kind of issue. Although I did have one from Ann Taylor Loft that did the same thing. 

Now I'm on the hunt for a whole new set of cardigans! They have to be the v neck kind or I kind of go nuts. Here are my current options...

Okay, help me out here! Do you have this elbow hole issue? Am I crazy? Where do you like to buy cardigans from?? Help!

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  1. The last few cardigans I bought came from Target. I loved the bright green and the pink and white polka dot. I wear cardigans alot, too, but they have to look at certain way. I've also lucked up at Kohl's.

  2. I don't wear cardigans daily and I've never had the elbow whole problem, but thinking about my Target cardigans they do seem kind of thin. I don't have any Old Navy or Loft ones. I hope you find the perfect heavy-duty (and still cute, of course) cardigan!

  3. whaaattttt. i love cardigans, first of all. i buy them at thrift stores so i can buy tons and tons of them. mine never get holes in the elbows, that is so random! also hi fellow NW blogger - specifically PORTLAND! let's get coffee! like asap. :) <3