Thursday, May 21, 2015

Shows Every Single Night

Is anyone else overwhelmed by all of the great TV this week?? And by great I probably mean...dramatic, ridiculous, and crazy. Ha! Here is a look at what I've been doing every night this week.

About Bruce - Keeping Up With The Kardashians
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If anything, it is very eye opening for everyone who is watching. It has been educational for me to follow his story, and I'm sure has for others too. I have thought about many different questions along the way. However, I didn't really think that this version gave us much more information than the Diane Sawyer interview did. I want more. 

Haha I just had to use this photo so I can tell all of you how much I absolutely hate it. It is so ridiculous.
Okay, I have to admit that I have not watched all THREE HOURS of Bachelorette this week. There has been so much TV that I cannot even keep up. First of all, yes I know that Kaitlyn is the real bachelorette now. But isn't anyone else just as concerned about all of the guys who wanted it to be Britt? I thought they were going to send all of them home. 

Okay moving on...for real, there is a reason that most of these guys are single. WHERE DO THEY FIND THESE PEOPLE??? 

I've always had melodies living inside of me...
Love Man 
Puzzle pieces healer man (totally weirded me out)
Shirtless stripper guy
The guy who had a few too many drinks (there is always one)
Hot tub car??? Cupcake car?

Sorry, I didn't even try to learn any of their names. 

Dancing with the Stars FINALE

This is only the second season of DWTS that we have watched. I'm so in love with this show though. It draws you in when you don't even think you know any of the celebs. First of all, I was so sad that Nastia didn't make it into the finale. I really thought she deserved to be there. She was my favorite all the way through. During the finale though we were TEAM RIKER! Dancing must be in those Hough genes or something. He is just great. Rumer is really good too! And I wasn't even mad that she won. I love Val and I wanted him to win a mirror ball so that is great for them. 

Survivor FINALE

Look at what 30+ days without a shower will do to ya! I didn't even realize it was the finale of this show until the day it was on. Ah! 3 more hours of TV. To be honest, I didn't really like many of the people on this season. I found myself rooting for Mike just because he was the underdog and everyone else was against him. 

And because, HELLO, he has won so many immunity challenges. He just had no numbers and no allies, but made it through so many tribals. So I think he definitely deserves to win. He played the game every single day out there. 

Yay he won! I'm so excited that he actually pulled it off. This show...just seems so hard to win! 

And to top it all off, I'm 2 episodes behind on Royals. I have to get to that soon because I've heard it is pretty crazy too. 
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  1. I don't watch any of these, but I love PTMT's Bachelor/Bachelorette recaps, so I always look forward to the new seasons starting!