Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Wedding Wednesday: iPhone Pics

It is Wedding Wednesday again!!!
I wanted to share some of the iphone photos with everyone.
Some of my favorite photos from our big day were taken on phones. We set up a photo stream and invited everyone we could. People posted their photos all day/night. When we woke up the next day we had a ton of photos to look at it. It was so much fun since we knew we wouldn't get our real photos back for a while. Plus, everyone else loved looking at them all too. It was definitely a fun idea. Of course we also used a hashtag for social media #mrandmrsbenedict (which now has some other stuff on there too).
 Pool Party after the rehearsal dinner. 
Wedding Day Coffee
Boys watching people decorate
Ohhh I love how this pic shows the back of my dress
After we finished getting ready!
I love this pic.
My pretty bridesmaids

My pink girls :)

 Great pic with Grandpa and Brenda

 Hubby with 2 of my favorite guys
 I was thought this was the coolest on our wedding day :)
Dancing with our ring bearer, Elliott.  

 Some of my favorite ladies
One of J's favorite pics from the day.  
Cake cutting
 Ohhh look at that mountain :):) can capture it perfectly even from an iphone.

I just love how pretty it is there :)

My friend Tim went around and took selfies with pretty much every guest at the wedding on my phone. These are some of the best ones. 

Have a great Wednesday...only 2 more wake ups to go this week!

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  1. iPhone pics from weddings are the best! I love that you guys had a pool party after the rehearsal dinner.. so fun!!

  2. Your fringe bikini top is so cute! I'm loving all of these pictures too. Your venue is so breathtaking!

  3. I just love seeing all your wedding pics, Katie! Your dress was gorgeous and I love that picture of you standing by the window.

  4. I seriously can hardly wait for one of my Bigs to get married so I can do some of this fun stuff! Your dress was so gorgeous

  5. AH, sweet girl - you made my day! Thank you so much for your kind words! These pictures are awesome. A swim party after the rehearsal dinner?! Yes, please! And, I can't imagine how fun it was the day after to wake up to fun pictures! Thank you so much for sharing at Waiting on...Wednesday! Hope to see you back tomorrow (eek - I'm WAY behind this week!) :)