Tuesday, June 9, 2015

All Denim Everything

I have a new obsession with chambray shirts. Especially the denim colored ones. I want all of them. I specifically want this one from Nordstrom...but I have talked myself out of it multiple times since it is so expensive.

But last week I went to Target to get this shirt that I found online.
I love love love it by the way and it is perfect for summer. Because, hello, I'm obsessed with chambray. I might need this in the purple too. Not sure why that color doesn't show up online. 

Anyway, as I was saying, I went to Target to get that shirt and then the lady was like oh have you seen new long sleeve one we got. And I said no. So she showed it to me and told me all about how it goes perfectly with leggings and how you can just throw it over your tank top in summer time when it gets cool at night and it just looks so cute. And that she returned the first one she bought because this one is so soft and looks so great. Well, she was a good sales person...and I was sold. It is so soft and a much cheaper version of the Nordstrom one. I mean, it doesn't come in all the colors, but still perfect in this color :) Oh and it has the snapping kind of buttons which makes me happy for some reason.

I also am on the hunt for a new perfect pair of jean shorts for summer time. I don't want them to be too short. Here are the options as of right now:

Anyone have any great recommendations? I need to go try some on because I tend to be super picky about shorts. They always fit funny on me. 

So no, I don't really plan on wearing all of these denim looking things together, but they have all been on my mind. 

Anyone else obsessed with chambray??

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  1. I saw the capped denim shirt last week in Target and I nearly picked it up to buy, but for some reason, I think I was having a very blonde moment, so I put it back on the rack!

  2. Ummm I think I NEED that sleeveless blouse in every color...but first, chambray! I just bought some denim shorts from Old Navy that I'm loving. I'm actually selling my pair of those KUT from the Kloth shorts on Poshmark because they don't fit right anymore, but they're super stretchy and comfy (when they fit)! I'd definitely try those on.