Tuesday, June 30, 2015

June Goal Update

In hopes of holding myself accountable, I'm going to review my goals for the month of June. 

#1 Finish redoing our table
Well this one was a big fat fail. We are off to bad start here. But not for lack of trying, so I give it a C!! We had planned to work on it last weekend, but it was just too hot to be outside doing it. The table itself is done and ready to go. We are just working on the chairs now.We will have to get on it though. We did however find this little thing to make the chairs super smooth! And we decided that we want to do liming wax over the "antiqued" part of the table. We are making some progress. 

#2 Meal Planning
I have been doing pretty well with meal planning. The only problem is, I seem to get carried away with trying new recipes and then I end up spending more money because I buy a bunch of stuff we never have in the house. I tried to be better about that this week though. I wanted to keep the grocery list to around $100. Lucky me it was $101! Woohoo! Also, I know I'm a huge nerd for this, but I found a meal planning calendar that I really like. So I kind of get excited to fill it all in :) You can use it too if you like it, I found it on Pinterest:

#3 Read 3 Books
Done, done, and done. I'm actually reading my 4th book for the month of June right now. You can check out what I read here

#4 Organize our weeks
Okay, so I have been really good about doing this on Sunday nights. However, sometimes when I go look at the planner on the following weekend it still on the page from the previous Monday. So I definitely need to get better about using it throughout the week. I will say that we put a BUNCH of to dos in there and they all got done. Progress was made! Watch out, I have highlighters for all things. 

#5 Do something different for me
I did do a few things for myself this month. However, none of them were REALLY that far out of my comfort zone. I got my hair done, (I mean color) which is something I have never done before. And I got a pedi last weekend and I have bright pink toes, which makes me really happy. I took time to read even though things were crazy busy because that always makes me relax. Finally, I didn't force myself to blog. I love blogging, I really do!! But some nights when I haven't planned ahead I just dread whipping something up. So I bet you noticed I was MIA a few normal blogging days this month. That was some extra time just for me to relax after a crazy day! I will keep working on this goal.

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  1. You did well! I like the 'do something different for me' goal. That's a fun idea!

  2. I just love how you give yourself a grade! Now i'm going to check out your book list!!

  3. I love the idea of giving a letter grade to goals! I enjoy setting goals each month and it seems like a good way to grade how you are doing!

    Thanks for linking up at Tuesday Talk. :)