Thursday, June 11, 2015

Summer Hair

I got my hair done this week just in time for the sunshine. I have been toying with the idea forever since I always go to our "hair parties" with Davina and Tara. They have been telling me to do it, but I was afraid that once I started coloring my hair that I wouldn't want to stop. This is probably true! Yikes. But I'm so happy with the way it turned out. 

So walking in there I gave Bre two different pins and said I like the way the different colors look in the first pin, but I want it to be the color in the second pin instead. 

I have never had my hair colored professionally before. I didn't really know what to expect. It turned out to be OH SO PERFECT! I love it and it seems like the perfect amount of blonde for summer time. Here are the before and after photos from the back:

And because I love sending selfies to my mom all the time, you get to see 2 before pics and 2 after pics. I know I know, the after pics are both in the sun. But that was the only time I remembered to take the pics, so too bad!
 Here are some pics up close :) I love how it turned out.
And after we all took a selfie together to show off the new hair!
Thank goodness I had Davina there to bring me snacks and keep me entertained :) Bre posts a lot of before and after pics on here facebook page. You should check it out!! She is amazing. If you are looking for someone in the Portland area you should definitely go see her! I always have fun when I get my hair done there, is that normal? Ha!

One more wake up until the weekend! I can't wait.


  1. I love your new summer shade, Katie!

  2. I LOVE that color! I haven't had color added to my hair in so long. I get so nervous to stray away from my natural color but that looks so summery and fun!

  3. I love that color! I haven't had my hair colored in so long but you might have me convinced ;)

  4. cute cute cute!!! i love it so much. :)

  5. It looks so good! I've never had my hair professionally colored but I think the girl that did my updo for that wedding I was in has convinced me to go to her and go full-on ginger. :) After my wedding, of course.