Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Wedding Wednesday: Details Part 2 - Inside

I'm continuing with Wedding Wednesday this week and showing off some of the details from the inside area of our venue. There was a lot of room in here and even though most of the activities were taking place outside, I didn't want it to look bare in there. Also we needed a place for people to go to get out of the heat.

It is so hard to choose how you want to do your seating! Our wedding was small enough that I could organize the seating and do escort cards. I used precut business card paper to make the piece with the table number on it. Then I picked up some glittery paper and cut out the backgrounds for each one. Then came the tricky part. When I saw these in the pins, I thought it would be so easy to shave down part of the cork to make these stand up straight. Not so simple. I ended up rubbing them against the concrete to flatten one side of them. Then I had to make Justin cut little slits in each one with a box cutter...which was also not that simple. But they turned out to be so cute!! 
Inside, we also used a few bird cages for decoration. You can find these everywhere now. I borrowed the white one in this photo from my mom because it opens up and was the perfect place for cards! All about the simplicity. We also had lots of people send gifts to our house because the venue was about an hour and a half from our house. It worked out great.
The venue provided us with PLENTY of wine barrels (also called whiskey barrels I have been told). I just loved how these looked all throughout the venue. Something so simple was just so pretty.
Since both of our parents have been married for a long time, we wanted to show pictures of them on their wedding day. My parents have been married for 32 years and Justin's have been married for 38 years. We found these cute frames at Ikea for $5 a piece.
Candles pretty much everywhere. Once it started to get dark I loved how these popped along with the lights we put up.
We decided to have all of our guest sign these rocks for our guest book. Then we put them in that big vase and have them displayed in our dining room. It was actually really easy. We just bought a bag of river rocks at Home Depot. Of course I had to wash them all because I'm OCD like that. I would have put them in the dishwasher if Justin would have let me. Instead I had to use the hose. Then I found that vase on sale from Pottery Barn. And then ordered a box of sharpies from Amazon. Super easy!
I'm obsessed with this K&J :) Davina made this for us and it was sooo perfect. When we have a house someday we are going to hang these up somewhere. Then we also had those pink mercury glass candle holders all over the barn as well. I still love love love those. I want to put them somewhere in my house too, I just don't know where yet. They had a bit of furniture inside for people to sit down. I also just love that the venue had this fireplace. 

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  1. The little details are my favorite!! Love the K&J area!!

  2. Aww this is a lovely post, my wedding seems so long ago now and I love reading about the planning, it brings back happy memories. The K&J are fab and the rock idea instead of a book is great :)
    Lupin Girl #waitingonwednesday

  3. I need those picture frames! We're having a table for pictures of all of our departed family members who can't be there, and those frames (spray painted gold) would be perf! I love all of these details. :)

  4. I look forward to your wedding posts each week! So, so, so pretty and I love your attention to detail! Thank you for sharing with us at Waiting on...Wednesday!

    Holly @