Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Wedding Wednesday: Details Part 3 - Food, Drinks, and Dessert

It is time for Wedding Wednesday again. I used to love these posts because they were so easy to do, but now my details are requiring a bit more explanation ;)  Today I will be talking about a bunch of delicious things. I apologize in advance if you are hungry when you read this. 

Okay, so first things first. I don't have any pictures of this, but my mom and dad went to Costco the day before the wedding and got a bunch of food, drinks, and snacks for the bridal party and setup team to eat prior to the big event. This is an absolute must!! Being a bridesmaid is hard work! We had those little turkey wraps, chips, fruits and veggies, water, pop, etc. I think it made everyone much happier. There is nothing worse than a bunch of people who have low blood sugar all dressed up in the heat. It seemed like a huge pain when we had to go to Costco, but it was SO worth it. And I was starving after the ceremony because I barely it was good to have some food ready to go. 
Before dinner, we did a little cocktail hour. We had few appetizers and drinks for everyone while we signed the paperwork, took a few pictures, and then came to say hello to all of our guests. As far as alcohol goes, it was a little tricky at our venue. We had to use specific wines from the vineyard (or specific surrounding vineyards) otherwise there was a corking fee on each bottle of wine. Well Justin and I are not huge wine fans, so we didn't really know how to handle this. We ended up doing a tasting with our parents and deciding to go with the vineyard wine. We bought WAY too much wine. But that was really the only thing that we over purchased on. As far as beer goes, I think there were a few left at the end of the night. We got to bring home one bottle of liquor as well. Here are the drinks.
Open bar weddings always sound like such a great idea...until you realize how expensive that is going to be. Our amazing caterer suggested that we do signature drinks and have a limited number of each so that we could be sure on the price. It worked out wonderfully. We had some summery drinks and everyone seemed happy with the choices. Here are our cute little signs (written by Kristin of course) for the signature drinks. 

On to the main course! Jamie, over at Lamb's Table, is ABSOLUTELY amazing. I could write an entire post about why we loved her so much. For now I will leave it at that. Here was our menu for the night:

The presentation of the food was so great! I loved it all. YUM!
We used the same type of cards to show what each dish was for the buffet and desserts. I thought it was a cute way to tie in the copper. Plus it was simple since I had just done 90 escort cards just like them!
This was my absolute favorite dish. I got to bring a big left over box of this home to eat the next day. I wish we could have this all the time. It was SO GOOD.
I think I have showed you all this photo before, but here it is again. I just love how our little cake topper turned out. This is what I spent the night before my rehearsal dinner doing. It was my last minute project. 
Finally, we have our dessert bar! We decided that we wanted to try and do something different than just cake. I mean wedding cakes can be really pricey. This was actually suggested by our caterer as well. We decided to do a dessert bar and ask some important people in our lives to make some of our favorite desserts to share at our wedding. We had my moms magic bars, Lisa's blueberry buckle cake, and Justin's moms german chocolate cake. We also did some cupcakes for those who wanted the more traditional cake. It worked out great. I think most people had more than one dessert. Yum, I want that blueberry cake now. 

Okay, sorry for the extra long post today. I could go on and on about the food, but I will stop there. I'm linking up with Holly for Waiting on Wednesday
I hope you are having a great week so far. 


  1. I am totally craving a citrus margarita now! All your food looks so delicious and so nicely presented!

  2. Oh my gosh your food sounds amazing! When I was younger I was like, "My only requirement for my wedding is an open bar." Then the first venue we toured they told us this one couple did that and the bill ended up being over $20,000!!! Yeah, I got over that idea reeeal quick! I love the dessert idea too. We're doing cupcakes and a cutting cake, so definitely cheaper than a big fancy wedding cake!

  3. Everything looks perfect!!! I love the idea of a dessert bar featuring your family favs!!! Thank you for sharing with us at Waiting on...Wednesday! Hope to see you back tomorrow!