Monday, June 22, 2015

Weekend Wrap Up: Father's Day Edition

First off, I need to wish Alyssa a very happy birthday! I love you so much and I'm so excited for this next year in your life!! 27 will be amazing for you :) and just for fun, here is a throw back to our amazing trip to Paris
We had such a whirlwind weekend. I feel like we have had quite a few of those lately. Summer is here! Justin met me up at my parents house on Friday afternoon. He got off early so he drove up on Friday. Not much went on Friday evening, we were both SO tired from a crazy week. We watched golf and went out to dinner with my parents. 

Saturday morning we did a brunch for my dad for Father's Day. We all got to spend some time together, which doesn't happen as often as it should! We had some yummy stuff. We tried out this recipe!

We didn't use the pepper and onion hash browns, we just used regular ones. I thought it was really good. I don't love sausage so I really wanted to have a bacon dish instead. Yum!

Afterwards, we went to visit my aunt and uncle for a bit. That was fun, I definitely don't get to see them enough either. And I had also forgotten my cousins grad present in my car last time we were there so I needed to give that to her. Then we were off to another grad party for a family friend who just graduated from college. 

We got to see all of our family and theirs so that was fun too! Lots of visiting this past weekend. And as usual I got so distracted and didn't take many photos. We did watch a lot of golf on Saturday though. I have never been all that interested, but the US Open was right near my home town this weekend so we took a special interest. I actually really enjoyed watching it, even though it is really long and they said fescue about a million times ;)
On Sunday morning we woke up bright and early to head home! I was so exhausted and really wanted to be home to get things ready for the week and see my kitties. We got home and went to get some groceries. Then we headed over to Justin's parents for an afternoon BBQ. Lots of golf, fathers, family, and friends this weekend!

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  1. Mmm that casserole looks delicious – brunches are the best! Fun that you got to celebrate with both families!

  2. A Father's Day brunch sounds like fun! I don't really get into golf but my husband is a huge fan so we definitely had the Open on all weekend :) Sounds like a weekend well-spent!
    Stopping by from Mingle Monday :)

  3. I don't watch golf but I thought it was so cool that the US Open was in Tacoma! I love breakfast casseroles. My mom makes one for breakfast on Thanksgiving and Christmas every year.

  4. Sounds perfect that you were able to see both families! Also, thanks for the recipe. I'm always looking for new dishes to try!