Monday, June 8, 2015

Weekend Wrap Up - Is It Summer??

Okay, it is only the second week of June and we have the AC on. What in the world is happening?! This is Oregon. We usually only use the AC for like 2 weeks in August. I don't even understand. But it was so much fun to spend some time in the sun. 

We got up bright and early on Saturday morning and headed up to my parents house in the new car. Justin even had me drive it half of the drive so that I could get used to it. It was actually really easy to get used to, which I think is a good thing. When we got to my parents my mom had this amazing lunch ready. We had BLTs with avocado and Red Robin steak fries. These can be bought from the grocery store! I had no idea. And they were delicious!
Then mom and I had some shopping to do. So we left and J and dad went for a joy ride in the new car. When we got back we headed down to Katie's house for a BBQ. We made a big pitcher of margaritas and spent the day hanging out, barbecuing, and playing croquet/watching croquet. You guys, I'm seriously the worst croquet player ever. For real. I like to watch :) Actually Justin played and he wasn't all that great either. The Benedict's do not rock at croquet. 
 I love when I get to spend time with Katie because it is not often enough. And she barely ever lets me take selfies with her :)
On Sunday we went to my baby cousins grad party. She is not a baby anymore! All grown up. And she wants to do pre med in college! What a little smarty pants. She makes me feel older than anyone else can. It was so fun to hang out with our family and celebrate Emma.
Justin and I snapped a quick selfie in the sunshine too. I was pretty much melting in the heat. I don't think we were ready for it yet. 
Then we took the dreaded drive back to Portland and came home to do the Sunday things..aka laundry, cleaning up, weekly schedule. 
I'm super excited because I have a hair appointment today :):) That will make Monday great. I hope you all had a good weekend! We sure did. Happy Monday!

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  1. I had no idea you could buy red robin fries at the stores - that is awesome! Love your dress for the grad party!

  2. I love that maxi dress! I'm guessing it's the Lush one? :) The Portland to Tacoma drive is probably about the same as driving from Seattle to my parents' I get the dread! Ugh. I'm super jealous of your hair appointment. I need to get on that for myself!

  3. We had a BBQ this weekend, too. So fun!

  4. I can't believe you can buy Red Robin fries at the store! I had no idea! So glad you had a fun weekend!