Tuesday, July 28, 2015

10 Loves and 10 Hates

Happy Tuesday Everyone! I hope you all enjoyed the Bachelorette finale last night! 
Mattie and Molly both nominated me to do this list of 10 things I love and 10 things I hate. I'm putting it all out on the table today and you guys can all get a peak into my life.  


1. Football
We are big football fans in this house. Our weekends from September - December pretty much revolve around the games that are on. When I first met Justin I told him that we don't do things on Sundays in the fall because the Seahawks are on. He still keeps that in mind. I don't remember the last time I missed watching a hawks game. Then on Saturdays we are watching/going to Beaver games. Fall is a busy time around here but...

2. Fall
Fall is officially my favorite time of year! Here is why:
Football, sweaters, rain, colored leaves, all things pumpkin and spice, and soup galore! 

3. Nail Polish
I have a serious nail polish obsession. Just look at my nail polish shelf...
I also have a whole "nail polish drawer" that is completely full.

4. Glitter
Glitter just makes me happy! It is sparkly and pretty. I just wish I could have more glitter in my life :)

5. Coffee
I know that I have posted this before, but it was seriously made for me. This is me. Every. Single. Day. I cannot function without coffee. Most people in my life know that it is best to talk to me after I have had at least one cup. My boss can just look at me and know that I haven't had coffee yet. I don't know how I lived for 20 years without drinking it. 

6. Kitties
If I could, I would save all of the kitties! Justin's rule is no more animals than humans. But he lets Dude come over because he "isn't really ours" and we don't pay his vet bills. My two cats make me so happy :) I don't understand when people don't like animals. I just want to help all of the animals and give them happy lives!

7. Deals
I love a good bargain. I actually tend to buy things for myself only if I can get some kind of deal. 

8. Books
I'm a book worm. I would love to sit in one of those crazy looking libraries that you see on Pinterest for like a year straight. It would be amazing. You can see what I've been reading by clicking on my tab above.

9. Boots
This goes along with my whole "I love fall" thing. I wish I could wear boots all the time. I just think they look nice. I also feel like they are easier to run around in than heels. I also just feel so comfortable in them. In the fall/winter I seriously wear boots almost every day. Sigh...dreaming of fall. 

10. Pancakes
I love pancakes. Especially with peanut butter and syrup on them. It just tastes like a little slice of heaven to me. Sometimes if I'm in a bad mood Justin will ask if I want pancakes for dinner and I get instantly excited. 


1. Traffic
I think I inherited this from both of my parents. I cannot stand traffic. It can seriously break me down in minutes. I mean, yes, I do handle it. But I really really hate it. I currently live about 7 minutes from my office. If we ever move I'm in for a rude awakening. 
2. Clutter
My mom always made us pick everything up before we went to bed at night. We usually had a pile on the stairs of things that needed to be brought upstairs with us. No dishes were left out and all tables were cleared off...you get the picture. I cannot live with things everywhere. I will seriously clean up right away or get horrible anxiety and sit in a room that is cleaned up. 

3. Pants
(please ignore my dirty mirror, I cleaned it immediately when I saw this pic...)
I don't like wearing pants. I can handle jeans, if they are comfy. I can handle leggings because, come on, they are pretty much just like pajamas. I literally do not own a pair of dress pants right now. The idea of putting them on makes me cringe. I would rather wear a dress everyday than put on a pair of dress pants. I cannot handle it. Even with jeans, the second I walk in the door I will immediately change into pajama pants. 

4. Insomnia
I do not sleep well. I used to be able to fall asleep any time anywhere. Over the past few years that has gone away. It is a struggle for me to fall asleep and then even bigger of a struggle to stay asleep. It is so frustrating. 
= so much night time kindle reading (yes, I know that supposedly makes it worse).

5. Allergies
I can handle the day to day allergies, they aren't all that bad for me. But for a few weeks out of the year my allergies are horrible. My eyes water/itch like crazy and I have a stuffy nose. The worst part about it though is that the roof of my mouth itches (so weird, I know) and my ears get plugged. It is such an uncomfortable thing and once it happens nothing will help fix it! Trust me, I have tried everything. 

6. Being Too Hot
This is pretty much every day lately. 
Okay, I live in Oregon for a reason. It isn't too hot here. It is normally perfect. But lately, man it has been HOT. I have really fare skin and when I'm in the sun for even a few hours I start to get heat rash. It is not fun and it doesn't get any better until I stay out of the sun for a few days. On vacation it never works out. I can't handle being too hot!

7. Really Sad Things
Movies, songs, books, any of it. I don't like sad things. I like to be around positive sunshiny things. I feel like I hear so many sad things when watching the news or talking to other people. I don't like to fill my free time with even more sadness. That can get depressing really quickly!

8. Snakes and Spiders
I feel disgusted even writing that down. If there is a snake or big spider on a tv show or movie I will have bad dreams that night. I was watching Naked and Afraid with Justin one day and I had to leave the room because the snakes were making me squirm so bad. I've always been afraid of spiders. The snakes things is rather recent. Ewwww. 

9. Seafood
Not gonna happen. I know, I should love seafood because I live in the Pacific Northwest. I really do not like it all. It is just a weird texture and I can't really eat it without gaging. Maybe it is all in my head, but I still cannot get over it. I try certain things every once and a while to make sure I still don't like it. I never do though. Ick!

10. Feet
I cannot handle it if someone else's feet touch me. I mean I really hate it. My friends used to make fun of me for it so bad when we used to have sleep overs all the time. Justin knows better than to touch me with his. My friend's kiddos things it is hilarious to watch me cringe when they put their feet on me (that is your kids Tara!). I don't know why. I don't think my own feet are all that gross. I do feel bad for the people who do pedis though so I always make sure to tip them a good amount because they just touched my feet.

This post is super long! Sorry. I hope you enjoyed getting to know a bit more about me. 
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  1. We have so much in common, Katie! Loved your lists!

  2. My friends who are from Fox Island, love the hawks and we had brunch the day after the wedding and watched a game with their jerseys on :) You seattlites and your hawks

    I also love books, coffee (love that cinderella graphic) and fall boots!

    Loved getting to know you better Katie!

  3. So cool! Oh my gosh being too hot is my LEAST FAVORITE thing too. I should have added that to my list! Also - I saw you and Mattie met each other in person and that's so awesome!!!

  4. What a fun post, Katie! I love your lists of things you love and hate!

    I'm with you hating the hot weather. It felt like 105 here in the deep south yesterday. Maybe I need to move to Oregon too!

    Came over on Tuesday Talk.
    Hope you have a blessed day today~

  5. Traffic & Clutter....amen to hating those two things! And girl...I have an issue with wanting to buy nail polish every time I see a great color but I never paint my own nails so I'm always thinking what am I doing??!!

  6. Okay sooo minus football our loves are the exact same! Michael's the one who had to tell me that every Sunday in the fall is reserved. Haha! Being hot is the worst...I've thought sooo many times this summer that I live in the PNW to NOT have to deal with weather in the 90s...and yet...sigh. Also I have one pair of dress pants that fit. They're actually comfy...but I have no desire to buy any more. Dresses and skirts, please. I used to hate ALL seafood. I slowly have added more things that I'll eat. But no lobster or crab, no scallops (the worst texture of all time!) and no oysters (these are actually probably worse texture-wise, but I've never let one get anywhere near my mouth so I can't be sure).

  7. LOVE this!!! So fun! I'm posting mine tomorrow. And LOVE the first pic!!!! Is that a Marshawn Lynch jersey I spy!? ;)

  8. I love that first photo, such a cute one. I hope that one is framed :) And yes I can relate to the good bargains, cats, fall and pancakes. I love eating funfetti pancakes.

    I thought I was the only one who didn't like pants, I wear dresses all the time and at home I wear athletic shorts. I'm all about comfort.

    liz @ sundays with sophie

  9. Your nail polish collections seriously makes my heart flutter!!! Actual heaven.

  10. One of the co-host here on Tuesday Talk. I understand totally about the insomnia. Falling asleep is a thorn in my side. So I get your pain. Nice to read and get to know you. Thanks for sharing a bit of yourself with us this week.

  11. Football - yes!!!! We are the same here, but Notre Dame, Colts, Packers...and Peyton Manning :) (A big football link up is going to be announced on Tuesday Talk tomorrow - so I hope you join us since you're a fan!) And I love pb on my pancakes too! It's amazing! And I also hate when people touch me with their feet! Haha, I'm glad to know I'm not alone in this! Thanks for sharing this with us for Tuesday Talk - I've loved getting to know you better! -Jess, Sweet Little Ones