Friday, July 3, 2015

Friday Favorites #20

Woah! This week flew by. Probably because it is a short week :) We are looking forward to this awesome weekend. Here are my favorites for the week.
 4th of July Nails
These nails are my favorite. Even though I messed up the first time and had to start over :( I wanted to do something patriotic and I love how it turned out!
 These fans are my favorite!
This is a horrible picture, but you get the idea, right? It is so hot. I love these fans because I just sit right here in front of them and cool off. Gus likes to do that too!
 Avocado Peach Salad
I thought it sounded a little weird. I'm kind of picky about avocado because I didn't eat it until I was 20 (I can't believe I went 20 years without it!). I convinced J to eat this vegetarian meal with me this week. I threw in some blueberries and tomatoes. Then added some raspberry vinaigrette and gorgonzola cheese crumbles. It was so delicious. I especially loved not having to heat up the BBQ or oven on such a hot day. I ate plenty of it and it filled me up just fine. 
 In honor of our one year anniversary, my husband is my favorite!
Here are a bunch of goofy selfies from the past year. I'm so lucky to have such a great husband!
No work on Friday is my favorite! Especially because I have no plans today. That means lots of reading time!! And snuggles with this little guy...
But not this crazy kitty because she can't hold still...

I hope everyone has a great 4th of July weekend! For everyone in this heat wave, stay cool. Be safe!

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  1. Have a super 4th Katie! I'm super impressed with those nails.

  2. Fans are the only think keeping me alive haha! Your nails are really fab...I would have messed up way more than once!! Happy Fourth!!

  3. You did a fab job on your nails and of course, Hubs can be a favorite! Stay cool and enjoy the holiday!

  4. Your nails look so good! We only have one fan and I'm convinced we need to buy approximately six more to survive this summer.

    1. I saw the heavy duty one I have in that pic on sale at Costco and they had a ton in stock. Only $34. You need to have it!

  5. I want that peach and avocado salad! Looks super delicious!! - Seri from

  6. I hope you had the BEST weekend!! :)

  7. yeah and fans are THE BEST white noise. seriously. the ultimate best.