Friday, July 10, 2015

Friday Favorites #21

Ahh I haven't even blogged about 4th of July festivities yet! Sorry this post is truly about everything since last THURSDAY. Oops. Here are my faves :)
 BBQ @ the Bartos
On Friday night we headed over to Ashley and Randy's house for a BBQ. We haven't been over to their place in a long time and I haven't seen any of them besides Ash since the wedding...eeeeek! So we got to see them and catch up which was nice. And I even got a pic with little Riley who is sooo adorable.
 Mackenzie Kay
Last Friday we headed over to the Benedict house for some craft time with Kenzie (my niece). I saw this awesome craft on Andrea's blog and I thought "wow I have all of that stuff." Shera and I played OCD mom and auntie while we helped her make the canvas one really pretty. Then she did some on her own...they are also beautiful ;)
And of course Kenzie knows how to take selfies with us :)
Sunday was her THIRD birthday. She doesn't really like cake, but she sure does like frosting. I thought it was pretty adorable. 
 Target Dress
One // Two 
I had originally purchased dress #1 from Nordstrom because I saw Mattie wearing it back in June. I ordered it on sale (it is on sale again actually!) and was so exited for it to come. The Nordstrom picture doesn't do the colors justice. They are so bright and happy. When it came though, I didn't like the straps on the back. I'm super weird about wearing my favorite bras and they just weren't going to work with that dress. I returned it and was on the lookout for a bright patterned dress for summer. I happened to plan my day around a trip stumble into Target last Friday and came across dress #2! I should add that it is also much brighter in highlighter colors almost. I was in love, but they didn't have my size. I was so sad but decided to try on a size up just in case. Well I went to the dressing room and on the go back rack was the dress in my size! I swear that never happens. Needless to say, I purchased it immediately. I wore it to work on Thursday and LOVED it! 
 New Nail Polish!
I let myself buy 2 new nail colors for summer. And just for the record I bought the brand that costs $1.99 instead of $8 like I wanted (essie). I got Pink Forever and Hazard. I don't know what it is about this brand but I always love how the polish goes you know what I mean??
This amazing dinner
Justin made the most delicious stir fry for dinner this week. I don't even know how he made it. But it was SO good. 

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  1. Umm I have absolutely no 4th of July decor so I kind of want to make that craft for next year! Haha. I love the Target dress! What is it about websites and making the colors look so much more muted?! I ordered a different Target dress that was way brighter in person too. That stir fry looks sooo delicious!

  2. Target never lets me down and you just can't go wrong on the prices! Ps. your dinner looks soooo good too! What fun favorites :)

  3. Love that you did Andrea's craft with Kenzie! I thought about trying it but never got around to it. I actually ordered that dress from Nordstrom but it hasn't arrived yet....I'm pretty sure I will be rushing home daily to hide boxes the next week or so until all my Nordstrom purchases arrive..eek!