Thursday, July 9, 2015

Life Lately - Where Have I Been??

Hi blog friends! Sorry to leave you all hanging this week! I will start off by letting you know what has been up.
On Saturday morning, yes 4th of July, I woke up ready for a great anniversary with my hubby. It started off with sleeping in and then having this amazing breakfast. 
Pancakes = my favorite!

After that I started getting ready to go to the beach. While I was doing my hair I got this horrible pain in my back. Really horrible. Luckily right when it started I was really hot so decided to lay on the bed. It got really bad, like I was screaming at Justin saying something was really really wrong. About an hour later I decided that I needed to tough it out and finish getting ready so we could go to the beach for our anniversary. Kind of a dumb decision...I know. We had a whole day planned so I didn't want to ruin it. I have had some back issues in the past, so I thought that I had pulled a muscle and it wouldn't stop spasming or something. 
We get in the car and head to the beach (I'm trying to be cheerful!). Fast forward to us pulling over after 2 hours of traffic...I'm crying because my back hurts so bad. 

I text my mom and tell her what is going on (duh) and she says "You need to go to urgent care." I'm all no it is just a pulled muscle I will be fine. Justin sees my crying and says we gotta go home and get to urgent care. I was terrified that I would have to go to the ER since it was a holiday. Luckily, Zoom Care pulled through for the win. In the meantime I'm googling symptoms like a maniac (maniac is my word of the week by the way) and have decided it is either muscle spasms or kidney stones (insert scary music here). The nice doctor at Zoom Care said yes sounds like kidney stones. Thank goodness she gave me something for the pain and said that I needed to wait for the stones to pass. 

At this point I'm seriously terrified. Everyone keeps telling me how kidney stone pain is the worse and its harder than labor. I'm a baby, I don't want to do that!! But really it hurt SOOO bad. After 3 days there were no stones. Ugh. Fast forward to yesterday when I went back to the doctor for a scan. 

I had to drink this delicious thing and wait for an hour...gag.
Turns out it wasn't kidney stones! Woohoo! It was just an ovarian cyst Everyone I have talked to about it has said why do you think that is better? I'm seriously terrified of kidney stones now. Nobody wants to experience the worst pain ever! I don't even know if I should be talking about ovarian cysts in the blog world. But let me tell you, it was bad. I think it hurt more than anything I have ever experienced...and I've had a compression fracture in my back before! I'm finally starting to feel some what back to normal today and I went back to work. Thank goodness!! 

But not to worry! Even though I was on plenty of pain meds we still ate wedding cake in bed and watched a slideshow of all 900 photos from our wedding :)
Our anniversary might have been ruined, but we made the best of it. 

I'll be back tomorrow for Friday Favorites and I will fill you all in on my other 4th of July weekend stuff. Late, I know! 

I'm not linking up anywhere today...because I mean, who really wants to hear about ovarian cysts? 


  1. I hope your feeling better not, that sounds terrible! Your breakfast looks lovely though and at least you still got to eat the wedding cake :) Cake always makes everything better!

  2. Oh, Katie!! I am SO sorry this happened to you, sweet girl! And what awful timing for it to happen on your anniversary, too! Hang in there! I hope you are better soon! On another note, the "zoom care" totally cracked me up! Never heard of that before.

  3. Oh no! I thought you just took a break willingly! I'm glad you're feeling better, yikes! And it sounds like your little anniversary celebration was good too. You can go do the other things you had planned later!

  4. NOOOO!!!!! ovarian cysts are literally my WORST NIGHTMARE. i'm glad you're okay though. that sounds NO BUENO!!!!