Monday, July 27, 2015

Red, White, and Blue Favorites

I'm linking up with Andrea and Erika for the Favorite Things Linkup today!
I'm not quite sure what the "Red, White, and Blue" theme is supposed to be all about, but I'm going with my favorite girly type things!

star violet // freshwater// forgery
I'm a huge fan of mac eyeshadow. The first one is the closest I could ever get to wearing red eye shadow! It is so pretty and is definitely a different look for me. The second one is called Freshwater. Being a Seahawks fan means that I have to rock the blue eye shadow, right? My mom says it reminders her of the 80s. But really I love to mix it with shimmery number 3, Forgery, and make it a little bit of a lighter blue. It works out well for 4th of July too!

one // two // three
This first top is more RED in person than in the pic. But I love it! Probably because I do not wear a lot of red. It is so soft and such a great color. The second, my WHITE top, is one of my favorite shirts this summer. I seriously love it with everything. It it so comfy and I can even wear it to work. Number three is my new BLUE jeans that I got from the sale. They have the perfect amount of stretch and fit so great!
This American Flag Scarf!
For some reason I have been loving all things American Flag lately. I really want this scarf. I feel like it is so cute and whatever you could wear anytime and not just on American holiday, right??

China Glaze Ruby Pumps (here)
This is my FAVORITE red nail polish. It is glittery and oh so pretty. I love love love it. I used it for 4th of July nails and always use it for Christmas nails too. And then anything else in between :)

Okay that is it for the Red, White, and Blue. But I have 2 other things that I wanted to share. I dragged Justin into Nordstrom with me this weekend to do some returns. We ended up walking out with these shoes that he now LOVES. Seriously he hasn't taken them off all weekend. They look so good with jeans and he says they feel like slippers. That is how comfy they are!
And last but not least, I finally got to meet up with Mattie while we were at Nordstrom! And of course we took a pic for the blog world. Because you know, we needed proof that it actually happened ;) and I'm pretty sure our husbands both think we are huge blog nerds. 

Hope you all had a great weekend!


  1. AH! I'm so glad you got to meet Mattie! And at Nordstrom's, too! Okay, I must be old because I thought the same thing you mom did about the blue eye shadow, but that's only because I rocked it in the 80s myself! Have a great Monday, Katie!

  2. Good thing we don't live closer together....we might have to coordinate what we are wearing so we aren't twinking! I love my Wit & Wisdom jeans so much and that BP top...I bought in white and it is so amazing!

  3. Always great to meet bloggers in real life :) I love that american scarf along with the red shirt and those jeans. And yay for Justin getting some new shoes that he loves, my husband has a pair of shoes that he just loves and wears them all of the time.

    liz @ sundays with sophie

  4. I love that you and Mattie met up that's so fun! And I love that american flag scarf, so cute and festive!

  5. The Wit & Wisdom jeans are amazing! I bought three colors and I'm obsessed. I think I may never buy any other jeans again. Hahaha. So happy we got to meet up. I'm covering that in my weekend recap tomorrow and you're right, Michael totally thinks I'm a blog nerd. He pretends to be me and uses this dumb voice...he gave me an alternate caption for the picture of us that was sooo hilarious you have to read it tomorrow. :)

  6. Love the red, white and blue clothing you picked - I've been loving anything patriotic this summer!

  7. Love those MAC eye shadows!!

  8. AHHH YAY!!!! can we please have a girls day trip to the coast or something becauuuuse i wish i was there! <3