Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Wedding Wednesday: Details Part 4 - Bride Accessories

I'm continuing on with my own little Wedding Wednesday series. This one is all about the bride! You can check out my other posts by clicking on my wedding tab at the top! 

Hair and Makeup
I feel like I might have talked about my hair and make up issue before. But here is a quick rundown. I did a trial run of my hair and make up about a month before the wedding. The people did exactly what I asked them to do (well almost...yes, I really like that much eye liner), but on the way home I just broke down in tears because it wasn't perfect. I have always had issues with other people doing my hair. In high school I hated my hair for every dance. It just isn't my way I guess. After a complete freak out because I had paid the people in advance, I decided to cancel my hair and make up appointment for the day of the wedding. The make up that they used on me didn't stay on my face and I didn't feel like I had enough coverage. Instead, we went to Mac and I got to get all new things for the big day, which was SO much fun. I had Davina put my extensions in and help with my eye make up. It turned out exactly how I wanted it to! 
One other thing! I waited way too long to get the flower for my hair and ended up spending way more than I needed to. But I do absolutely love this flower and I had never worn anything like it before so it was perfect for our wedding day. 

So these were my official wedding shoes. Although, I only ended up wearing them for the first set of photos. I had those little stopper things so that I didn't sink into the grass. To be honest, they didn't work very well. I was sinking in, ruining the shoes, and was SO uncomfortable. Prior to our wedding day, I went through about 6 different pairs of shoes before deciding on these ones. I think I even brought 4 pairs on our wedding day. 
As you can see, I spent about 95% of the day in these shoes from Target. It seriously did not even matter. I have a few photos with my nice shoes, but really nobody saw these. And it was so much easier to walk down the aisle in wedges instead of those high pink shoes. I don't regret my last minute switch at all. It was such a good if only I was able to return all of the other pairs I bought. Oops. 

Also, I LOVE that Justin wore pink socks! The boys all wore different colored neon socks. It was so cute handsome. 


I'm pretty sure I have shown off my dress enough, but I love it so much. I also LOVE this hanger. My friend Ashley bought it for me when we got engaged, I think it makes the perfect present for a bride :)

I was super picky about the earrings that I wanted to wear for our big day. I don't know why I was so obsessive over it, but I was. I finally found the perfect pair on Pinterest. They are from Not One Sparrow's shop on Etsy. They were absolutely perfect. You can check them out here

My other jewelry was pretty basic. I wore a pearl bracelet that I borrowed from my mom as my something borrowed. I didn't wear a necklace because I just loved the neck line of my dress. I wore my grandma's wedding ring as my something old. I wear it everyday, but it is very special to me. Oh and for my something blue, I had this put into my dress:

Bride & Bridesmaids Robes
These photos with my girls in our robes are some of my very favorite. These robes were so much fun. I got them on Etsy here. This shop did an amazing job! For the bridesmaid gifts I did these robes and a pair of pearl earrings to go with their bridesmaid dresses. It was fun for the day of :) 

Phew, this was a long one. I hope you all enjoyed it!
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  1. I hate that your original shoes didn't work out, Katie, because I love that picture with them and your rings. Love the neon sock idea, too! Wedding perfection!

  2. I love the guys socks! Also, I am getting married in November and I have no clue what type of jewelry I want to wear. I am semi freaking out about it as well!

  3. I remember when I was about 5 my aunt got married and she was really tall and didn't want to be taller than her husband at the altar so she wore ballet slippers. When I got married (the first time) I changed into a beautiful pair of ballet slippers for our dance. Your post have definitely given me lots of ideas...hopefully someday my daughters will get married and I'm saving all these great ideas.

  4. You make such a BEAUTIFUL bride!!! Just visiting from the link up!! Love those hot pink robes!! My kind of robe. xo!

  5. Visiting from While I'm Waiting

    I love the shoes!! Too bad you couldn't wear them, but those are some fancy shoes. At least you got to wear them a bit. I love the hanger and the robes as well. Such great accessories to go with your wedding day.

    liz @ sundays with sophie

  6. I think I want to get my bridesmaids (and myself) robes! I love that idea, especially for pictures of us getting ready, but I just can't decide! And I have no idea what to do about hair and makeup. No. Idea.

  7. Way to be prepared with all the extra shoes! Your bouquet is just gorgeous and I love all these little touches - the little things are always my favorite part of weddings!

  8. I just love these! The neon socks - perfection!!! Thank you for sharing with us at Waiting on...Wednesday! I look forward to your post tomorrow!

    Holly @