Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Wedding Wednesday: Details Part 4 - Ceremony

Today I'm going to continue with my Wedding Wednesday series over here. This week will be all of the details from the ceremony. As a reminder, you can see all of my other wedding posts by clicking on the Wedding tab at the top :)

So I know this is so ridiculous, but one of my wedding requirements was that I had to have these folding white chairs. I don't know why, but I just really like that look. Thank goodness they had these at our venue. Our aisle was pretty simple. We lined it with jars and flowers on shepards hooks and then at the "alter" we had the two wine barrels with the big huge flower baskets on top. Our florist had actually suggested the big flowers at the end of the aisle. I loved the way it turned out. We got our hooks for like a dollar a piece during a Memorial Day sale at JoAnn's. I ordered a bunch of ribbon for the wedding so I tried to find somewhere online that I could get it for super cheap. I bought all of mine here. I really wish I would have bought more of it because I wanted more on the back row of the chairs, but they ran out. 

People do a lot of different things for their ceremonies. We decided to do a wine box where we both write a letter to each other so that if we encountered hard times we somewhere down the line we could remember how we felt in the days leading up to the wedding. We got our wine box on Etsy here. I also got my garter on Etsy here. And it was perfect. I don't know why a garter was a hard thing to choose, but it was.
I found this pin of a program that I really loved. 

I asked my best friend Katie if she could make something similar on photoshop and she blew me away. It was absolutely perfect. I ordered them online with vistaprint. They have tons of sales so I just waited until they had one for what I needed and then had them printed up. I really quickly whited out the names below so you all could see the final version (that is what those weird lines are).  
We went super casual with our little ring box, but I thought it was pretty cute. And our ring bearer was seriously so adorable with it. Justin is a twin, so he was told to give the box to Justin's twin brother but he got confused and gave it to Justin. So funny because they are identical, but to me they just don't look alike. 
And here is the final product. Aka my favorite view from the day of! 
I could go on for a million posts about details. 
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  1. It's so pretty! I love the flowers on the hooks and the barrels! Your program is amazing. I love the little facts, especially that you said, "Are you sure?" when he said I love you the first time hahaha!

  2. So pretty!!! I love that wine box. My cousin did one at her wedding and the parents of the bride and groom wrote notes that they will open on their fifth anniversary. So sweet!

    1. Oh yeah ours is for our 10 year anniversary! I forgot to say that.

  3. I love the details of weddings! It makes it so personal to the couple, thanks for sharing! Can't get over how gorgeous your wedding venue was!

  4. My gosh...the backdrop of your wedding is STUNNING! I really love the wine box idea too!!

  5. I love this. And your programs are awesome. The fun facts made me laugh!