Monday, July 20, 2015

Weekend Wrap Up: I'm Melting Edition

This HOT HOT HOT Pacific Northwest Summer is killer for all of us who do not have AC. I spent a good chunk of the weekend in my bedroom. That is the only room that has AC. We have a little window one in there. I have probably said that a million times because it has just been so abnormally hot here this year. Ella and I were on the same afternoon = perfect nap time.
I spent plenty of time glued to my Kindle. We also started watching a newer series on Netflix. It is called Bloodline. I had never heard of it before this weekend. I read an article of best shows to watch during summer of this year and that was one of them. I think we are 4 or 5 episodes into it and I'm enjoying it so far. Has anyone else watched this? Here is a trailer if you are interested:

On Sunday I slept in (well kind of, I didn't really sleep all night so I don't think it really counts!) and then went to meet Davina for pedicures. We went to a different place than usual, but it worked out great. We got matching pedis :)
Justin spent the morning working on our chairs to match our recently redone table. He absolutely despises it. So hopefully we can get through all 4 chairs! ;) He prepped a healthy lasagna recipe in the crock pot and let that cook all day. Yum! The best kind of meal is the kind you don't have to make yourself!
As usual Sunday evening was spent getting ready for the week. I'm definitely a creature of habit :)

I hope you all had a great weekend. I'm linking up with Biana for Weekending and Meg for Mingle Monday


  1. It has been SO HOT! Why does it have to be so hot?! Yesterday was the hottest day this year in Seattle. I read about Bloodline on a blog and have wanted to watch it ever since! I mentioned it to Michael and he's down, so we'll be starting that some day!

  2. Crockpot food is the best. And everyday is a good day for a nap! Haha I don't know how you are living without AC that just sounds so miserable!!

  3. I haven't heard of Bloodline before.. definitely going to need to check it out : )